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Reviewed By westernlands [read all by] on April 24th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
An echo system based on a tape delay configuration. Feed it with a short minimal line of music and let it evolve. It took me some time before I understood that this is a complete looping system, but that is exactly what it says: a tape delay effect. Great tool for endless minimal variations. It needs a small input to build up a complete sound. Bell sounds are wonderful signals to feed it.

Echomania has a nice interface.
I expect it has so many possibilities I have yet to discover.
The readme.txt is clear and a diagram is provided to explain the system.

A great effect!
Reviewed By westernlands [read all by] on February 25th, 2004
Version reviewed: v1.2 on Windows
I found the Elottronix XL plugin by change somewhere in December 2003 on the kvr site. References by the Elogoxa team to 'Flippertronics' with respect to this vst immediately draw my attention as projects where Robert Fripp has been involved in are part of my musical education.

Fascinated I was right from my first introduction to Elottronix XL. Had some trouble to get started though, but my curiosity was strong. Have no former practical experience with this kind of delay, so developing some kind of strategy and discipline are for me part of the process to build up a structure. It is a GREAT tool to build up minimalistic textures. It has a beautiful nostalgic interface, which shows respect to the analogue period of the past. Thanks to the recently expanded readme.txt I finally have got some grip on the tool and enjoy surprising results. I know I have only just begun and expect many discoveries yet to run into with Elottronix XL.
Reviewed By westernlands [read all by] on December 21st, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.03a on Windows
Sun Ra ambient texture generator is a jewel if you like abstract, mysterious sound generating and randomization. It is so beautiful and makes minimal arrangements by itself, changing slowly, growing, dying, I almost feel an intruder to interfere with the knobs, but i push myself to do so and find myself exploring space without borders. Give it time to evolve. Very nice if you're tired of melody and tight structures. Can't get enough of it! This randomization is so seducive and almost holds me back to play music myself.

Beaufiful spacey interface!

The documentation says: "VST instrument capable of creating self-generative ambient/minimal textures and FX" and that is exactly what it is. Furthermore specifications are listed and some tips on how to use it.

What else can I say about how it sounds like?

Sun Ra comes with about 25 presets. I am not yet tired with them after at least 5 hours listening to it over the past 2 weeks.

Haven't tried out customer support, but Elogoxa offers email support.

It is free!

I haven't experienced any crashes with v 1.03a