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PoiZone [read all reviews]
Reviewed By kyodeejay [read all by] on 29th April 2008
Version reviewed: 2.2 on Windows
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Their knobs have a movement with inertia, all the controls are big and the colour theme is nice. It's a pleasure play with its interface! It's ultraeasy to use.

The sound you can achieve is excellent. The filter is unique, you don't hear anything similar. With detune, 8-voice unison and chorus you can achieve pretty trance leads.

PoiZone is a simple plugin, but isn't another substractive plugin. It has only the minimum features you need for electronic music. However I miss some features as Osc1 Pitch [you can do it with main pitch, I know], or Noise Filter/EQ/various noises. It's a pitty you must use the master fine tune when you detune the sound with unison.
CPU cheap when you're playing lots of notes.

The manual is pretty short and doesn't explain very well some aspects. But if you have some experience with substractive plugins you don't need anymore.

With these presets you can see the big variety of sounds you can get with poiZone. The basses and pads are very well done. However it need better leads (you can do them EASILY).

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Excellent, I cannot say anymore.

79$ its pretty cheap when you hear his sound and play with its interface.

It never crash me. Fast load.