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Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on September 18th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.32 on Windows.
Last edited by pietro on 18th September 2003.
If you're bored with your workstation,or GM module sax presets,you can find here a very good improvement.
You can build your sax sound from a warm tenor basical version or from a brighter alto kind sample based sounds.
There are many modeling parameters such as body,resonance,breath and others:It's a little
complex thing to obtain what's in your mind but you can
modify one of the several presets and get a warm,breathy sax ala Ben Webster(I've got one which is lush) or a "Bird like" sound which will satisfy your needs.
The body and realism of this instrument covers a good range of my 5 octaves master keyboard unlike the
anemic 1 octave presets of MIDI sample players,and there's an interesting range of nuances changing with
the velocity,although those after touch related are too drastic for my tastes.
I hope new version will introduce a few other basic sounds and polish a little the modeling controls,which are sometimes too drastic or a little confusing.
This instrument worth also a better GUI.
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on September 14th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
I was astonished when,the last year, downloaded Freeverb:
I made a "double blind" comparision with my Lexicon hardware reverb(MPX100) and realised that it had almost the same quality:surely I had found a mini-Lexicon for free, and thought it was no doubt the best free reverb on the net:
until yesterday, when I met this incredible software:
I don't find the right words to describe its great professional quality:
its great warmth,clearness,density without any lost even with many sec.decays,with more controls than freeverb and with ambience and reverse programs wich freeverb is missing.
I've never heard hardware or software revs of this quality,and MIDI learn controls is a piece of cake!.
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on September 13th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows
This is an absolutely awesome instrument!
Its sound remembers me that hybrid,acid kind of the japanese sinths of the early 80s
(beside an other great sinth:the Juno x 2) but its huge powerfull character,its energetic and drastic sound beats all competitors,and it's FREE!!!!!! (INCREDIBLE INDEED!).
A quick listening to its beautiful presets took to my mind the sound of a lot of songs and soundtracks of the 80s pop/rock and "new wave" era (the Van Halen Jump preset is fantastic,and so many others,such as the JM Jarre serie and so on) with the deepness and warmth of a real analog instrument.
It could well worth 80-90 Euros,but they gave us as a gift : realistic osc and filters great effects; believe me this is not the usual,boring soup,it's a masterpiece with a rich sound and a professional GUI!
Don't miss it !
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on December 15th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
This is a great sinth:all the goodies here:
three oscillators+noise,a gorgeous portamento effect,24db filter with resonance(remember MiniMoog?)
and perhaps the best GUI I have seen in a free VSTi
(satin alluminium,wow!),but,above all,a tremendous sound,with devastating basses and sweeping leads at your fingers!!!
With a little job on the (poor)presets,and you'll obtain great,powerful sounds!Very good.
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on December 1st, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.3 on Windows.
Last edited by pietro on 4th December 2002.
RUMPELRAUSCH ZR3 confirms itself as the best virtual Hammond type organ beside NI B4.
In this new version it's more stable (absolutely no crashes in my Athlon either in Cubasis 3 or within Fruity Loops ) , and adds more charachter and fidelity to the Hammond sound emulation.
Although NI B4 is still far away,I like this little brother because it remembers me the sound of some not-B3 Hammond models ( like" H 100 " model ),wich had a sweeter sound than "Daddy" B3.
Great,Swell and Pedal are very good for complex Hammond tracks ; Percussion and Leslie effect are improved (although still not perfect,so I use MDA Leslie,which is free too,as a usefull,"cleaner" alternative).
Some more two or three polishings,i.e. only staccato percussion effect,as in the original Hammond models,a little more authenticity in lower(a bit more full bodied)
and higher(a bit sharper)drawbars'tone,better volume balance,and this jem ,believe me, will be soon a legend.
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on August 25th, 2002
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows
This is a very nice synthesizer indeed.It has that "hybrid"(analogue/digital) sound character
which is so in vogue.
Good filters(6/12/24 db ecc.),two envelopes
and a detune function for more analog flavour,
with a fine user interface,make this instrument,in my opinion, the best
"value for money" one beside Square and Junox2
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on April 28th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows
Harsh,sharp,fat,incisive sounds and a great charachter
make so distinctive this sinth:It' a pity that there
isn't a portamento function to increase it's value!
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on February 5th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
A good VSTi,it has a thick sound,something like a "real machine",with its own character and personality.
No crashes within FruityLoops;(I've not yet tried with
my Cubasis 3).
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on January 17th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
A gem from RGC Audio:warm and rich sound ala Oberheim,
but is missing portamento (hope they add in the next version!).The actual price offer makes it absolutely the
VSTi with the best price-quality ratio!!!
Reviewed By pietro [read all by] on January 16th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
In my opinion VSC3(Free with Band in a Box) has the same
global sound quality:It's not a VSTi.but there's the new
VSC MP1 that is VSTi and DXi compatible and sounds good for 80Euros c.a.!