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Reviewed By gdev1981 [read all by] on December 6th, 2010
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows
I can't believe no-one has reviewed SPAN yet so here goes.

It is brilliant for several reasons:

1. It is free
2. It has a scalable GUI and goes quite big
3. It has a high level of zoom incase you really need to know if was 53hz or 57hz you were looking at!
4. It has a band-pass filter so you can hear the frequency band you are looking at (ctrl-click on PC)
5. You can have two curves on the same page (and it is free)
6. You can change the accuaracy speed etc. in more ways than many commercial plugs (it is based on the analyser in gliss eq)
7. It shows frequency and note information for wherever on the graph your mouse hovers (and it is free)

It is free and fully featured - it simply blows other free analysers away and is much more useful than many commercial or bundled analysers available today.

I can't believe it's free! Free!

If you haven't got it, why not get it now? If you only have version 1 get version 2 now it is sooo much better!
Reviewed By gdev1981 [read all by] on December 6th, 2010
Version reviewed: 1.753 on Windows
This is a nice synth esp. for trancey arps and leads, super saws, reeses and hoovers etc.

It has some good synthesis features including wave-shaping, fm, ring-mod etc.

It is ridiculously good value for money these days (I paid about 80 pounds for it but I still think it was worth it).

This synth is very cheap now but it became popular when it was much more expensive so people don't just like it because it's cheap - there is more to it than that!

It features oversampling and uses a low amount of CPU which is good because if you value sound quality you will probably feel the need to have the oversampling on and the quality set to the best level (beware! the offline and live modes have their own settings so make sure you change them both before you export sounds from it or you'll find your recording sounds very different!)

The only stability issues I have had from this have been when on the highest quality and oversampling whilst doing lots of program changes etc, apart from that it is very stable when compared to some, much more expensive synths.

It definately punches above it's weight in terms of usability and flexibility and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a value synth for trance and drum and bass leads etc.
Reviewed By gdev1981 [read all by] on December 6th, 2010
Version reviewed: 1.6 on Windows
This is a classic synth I bought a few years ago for a good price and have never regretted it.

The sound is good for the price and overall the synth represents really good value for money.

It is easy on the CPU and fairly versatile - featuring limited FM, Hard Sync and some other pretty cool features.

I like this synth and it sounds good for some lead sounds etc.

The only thing I would say is that it would benefit from oversampling and better preset management as it is pretty old skool in that respect (as it was probably intended to be - like the K-station).

I would recommend it for people who make trance etc and want something for leads etc on a limited budget or with limited CPU resources.

In summary, it is a simple synth that is easy to program, has useable presets and offers good flexibility for it's price.