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Reviewed By damstraversaz [read all by] on February 18th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
a amazing instrument !
sorry for my bad english....

I'm first a pianist so I really like the natural piano sound. and I had never imagine before so much possibilities to transform the sound of this instrument.

HG piano is in my opinion a traditional piano, but if you are searching another sound with the character of the natural instrument it's perfect.
you have too a second piano ( piano b more brighter) and a rhodes . these instruments are the same , so you can use the presets for all.

user interface

very intuitive. like it


exellent ! the possibility to loop, to reverse etc and to give space with soundscape are endless. the flanger/filter is very good and works very good with piano sound.you can route the different fx , and without tweak anything, have a very different sounds. for texture, motion, fx, and scape this is perfect. it's very good for some lead sound, but with some characters ( string, hammer et).hg piano is unique.

just what you need, so it's very easy to find the sound that you want quickly. i really like the random feature for each section of this instrument. there is too a default button.there is too a microtonal feature, wich is fantastic for piano sound, and motion sounds.



good too. they show the possibilies of HG piano, and are very good basse for new sounds

customer support
perfect! one of the best support I know. andy is a very nice guy , and create instruments with passion.

never got problems with ableton live, reaper, xt1 , xt2, usine, minihost/

value for money
very very good !

one af my most used instrument. a real color, and an unique sound. there is no equivalent, and it's in my opinion a master piece.
the demo is the same, the sample are just lo-fi 8k samples and no Microtuner.
Reviewed By damstraversaz [read all by] on March 21st, 2008
Version reviewed: 2.0.3 on Windows.
Last edited by damstraversaz on 21st March 2008.
I bought artillery last year. Since I have it, I have deleted a lot of vst from my fx's directory. In my opinion that's the most interested fx-tool I know. the idea is fantastic.

first,sorry for my poor english, i'm french...

1. user interface

perfect. all is clear, and easy to understand. it's the same view for all FX, so you learn very quicly how to use it. It's very important for me, I want to make music, not to take hours for learning how to use a plug for making music. a very intuitive interface . when you create a modulation ( for exemple resonance ), you will see this modulation with the dynamic display. the modulator section is perfect.

artillery is a killer. really. the quality of the fx is very good .sugar surely work a lot on the the sound. I really like the amplitude and granular fx. the filter are honesty the best I know ( vowel , multi, low etc...)and as you can chain the fx; the possibilty are endless. you can make traditionnal fx, some uniques sound, traditionnal looping etc

3 features

I think artillery is actually the most complet effect.
* Filter o Eq o Multimode Filter o Vowel Multimode Filter o Vintage Lowpass
* Delay: o Standard Delay o Diffusion Delay o Filter Delay o Reverb o Tonal Delay
* Amplitude: Amp o Compressor o Sync Dumper o Enveloper o normalizer * Granular: o Looper o Step Looper o Tonal Looper o Reverser o Pitch o Turntable
* Modulation: o Flanger o Chorus o Phaser o Ring Deluxe
* Special: o Retro o Vocoder o Overdrive o Karaoke

the secret power of artillery is for me the universal modulator . you can modulate any parameter of artillery with lfo, envelope , envelope follower or step sequencer. each fx have his own mix enveloppe.
you can do a midi learn ( right click) on every parameter
it 's possible to trigger fx with midi notes of course ( live use for exemple for a drum loop) quantize or not, gate or toggle the midi note etc. but you can too use it without midi key: for exemple like a "classical" fx for a mix (a right clik on the midi key and artillery become a "normal" fx).autamation works for every parameter ( individual fx and the global parameters):It's too my first choise plugin for using with reaper.
very powerful.

the cpu usage is a joke : with all fx on, less than 13% for my old amd athlon 3000 and less than 6% for my new intel duo 7250. generally , with 3-4 fx, it's less than 2%.

4 documentation
the manual is clear ...

5 preset

the presets are very good (a lot are brilliant , some others very useful like "mastering setup" and all the looper's presets), but I would like to have more ( global presets and individual fx presets , there is much possibilities than I can imagine) . the preset system is very intuitive and easy to use. of course it's very easy to create your own ( unlike a lot of 'big" fx)

6 support

very good. the forum is on kvraudio ( i suppose you know this site...)
I've got a little bug for saving a preset under energy XT, the new version of artillery come 2 days after my message. thanks a lot sugar !

7 value for money

149 euros. for most of people (like me) it's a lot of money. but I think it's the good price.the quality is very good and with artillery you will not buy a lot of other Fx. I have no regrets. like an host , I believe there is no need to have thousand fx, just the Fx you will use.

8 stability
no crash, and I use it a lot ( home studio or live use every week) so ...i use the vst.

artillery is really unique ( like the synth from sugarbyte). I really recommand it. if you are not sure about it, please give it a try, it's really a bargain.

Reviewed By damstraversaz [read all by] on December 6th, 2007
Version reviewed: 3.34 on Windows.
Last edited by damstraversaz on 5th January 2010.
usine is a modular host , created first for live situation but it's so flexible yet It can be use for anything. It's not an host like cubase, reaper etc, so if you just want to record audio , there is a lot of host who can do this job. I actually thinking there is no limit to usine, and ( that's very important for me) it's very easy to use, whereas usine can be very complicated.
I'm not a sound designer and I don't search the most complicated sound of the world , i'm just a musicien who want to use incoming midi or audio and play with these, like I play with my instruments. I do not want to be locked up by a system of pattern ( like ableton live , a very nice software for live looping and electro music) but sometimes I need this system and usine is able to do this. Olivier Sens is the developper of this beauty and i think first a musician . you feel that when you work with usine.
Usine is unique so please try it , there is a free version !


near perfect. very clear, and very easy to use in live situation. you can do a midi learn or key learn on every control with a right clic.a lot of possibilities: grid ( like ableton live) sequencer and live (mix of both)

you can do what you want so in my opinion that's perfect.

very good . the manual is exellent, and there is a lot of tutorials

patchs and a lot of addon are present with a huge variety of sound ( from loop tools to crasy fx. If you buy it, you can access to a lot of another addon's.

olivier is fantastic and the support is perfect.there is a new version each month !

value for money
forfree or 50 euros that's the best vfm I know in the market.

stabilty :

I never have a problem actually.

Usine is actually the most fantastic audio and midi soft I know.nothing more.
Reviewed By damstraversaz [read all by] on January 27th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by damstraversaz on 27th January 2005.
It's an amazing instrument. Like DrApostropheX said, I never find really useful Sampled accordians, I was expecting "more"

peti can make an Huge variety of sound and is so easy to use that I regard it as a REAL instrument.I play accordion for a long time, and it's the first time I have this feeling with an emulation of accordian and harmonium. Playing peti with a keyboard is a real pleasure. That enables you to play in a very different way and that's what I'm waiting for an virtual instrument

Like the other NUSofting and DASH products: a very low CPU usage, A good documentation, A great support and a perfect Stability and a very low price.

The presets are very good (west accordian is perfect!).an impressive work was completed to understand the nature of this type of sound.

If you want a great emulation of accordians, harmoniums, musettees, concertinas, melodicas...It's really a must have instrument.If you think that you don't need the type of instrument, you should try the demo...you could be astonished by the versatility of Peti.
really impressive