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€119 / $119

Artillery has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Artillery


Reviewed By damstraversaz [all]
March 21st, 2008
Version reviewed: 2.0.3 on Windows

I bought artillery last year. Since I have it, I have deleted a lot of vst from my fx's directory. In my opinion that's the most interested fx-tool I know. the idea is fantastic.

first,sorry for my poor english, i'm french...

1. user interface

perfect. all is clear, and easy to understand. it's the same view for all FX, so you learn very quicly how to use it. It's very important for me, I want to make music, not to take hours for learning how to use a plug for making music. a very intuitive interface . when you create a modulation ( for exemple resonance ), you will see this modulation with the dynamic display. the modulator section is perfect.

artillery is a killer. really. the quality of the fx is very good .sugar surely work a lot on the the sound. I really like the amplitude and granular fx. the filter are honesty the best I know ( vowel , multi, low etc...)and as you can chain the fx; the possibilty are endless. you can make traditionnal fx, some uniques sound, traditionnal looping etc

3 features

I think artillery is actually the most complet effect.
* Filter o Eq o Multimode Filter o Vowel Multimode Filter o Vintage Lowpass
* Delay: o Standard Delay o Diffusion Delay o Filter Delay o Reverb o Tonal Delay
* Amplitude: Amp o Compressor o Sync Dumper o Enveloper o normalizer * Granular: o Looper o Step Looper o Tonal Looper o Reverser o Pitch o Turntable
* Modulation: o Flanger o Chorus o Phaser o Ring Deluxe
* Special: o Retro o Vocoder o Overdrive o Karaoke

the secret power of artillery is for me the universal modulator . you can modulate any parameter of artillery with lfo, envelope , envelope follower or step sequencer. each fx have his own mix enveloppe.
you can do a midi learn ( right click) on every parameter
it 's possible to trigger fx with midi notes of course ( live use for exemple for a drum loop) quantize or not, gate or toggle the midi note etc. but you can too use it without midi key: for exemple like a "classical" fx for a mix (a right clik on the midi key and artillery become a "normal" fx).autamation works for every parameter ( individual fx and the global parameters):It's too my first choise plugin for using with reaper.
very powerful.

the cpu usage is a joke : with all fx on, less than 13% for my old amd athlon 3000 and less than 6% for my new intel duo 7250. generally , with 3-4 fx, it's less than 2%.

4 documentation
the manual is clear ...

5 preset

the presets are very good (a lot are brilliant , some others very useful like "mastering setup" and all the looper's presets), but I would like to have more ( global presets and individual fx presets , there is much possibilities than I can imagine) . the preset system is very intuitive and easy to use. of course it's very easy to create your own ( unlike a lot of 'big" fx)

6 support

very good. the forum is on kvraudio ( i suppose you know this site...)
I've got a little bug for saving a preset under energy XT, the new version of artillery come 2 days after my message. thanks a lot sugar !

7 value for money

149 euros. for most of people (like me) it's a lot of money. but I think it's the good price.the quality is very good and with artillery you will not buy a lot of other Fx. I have no regrets. like an host , I believe there is no need to have thousand fx, just the Fx you will use.

8 stability
no crash, and I use it a lot ( home studio or live use every week) so ...i use the vst.

artillery is really unique ( like the synth from sugarbyte). I really recommand it. if you are not sure about it, please give it a try, it's really a bargain.

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Comments & Discussion for Sugar Bytes Artillery

Discussion: Active
6 May 2016 at 1:48pm

I bought Artillery about a month ago, and I'm still learning a lot about it, and figuring out how I want to use it in my workflow, but so far I can give the following feedback:


-Artillery is very special, because it allows audio FX to be punched in and out with keys on your MIDI keyboard/controller. There are not many VSTs that can do this, and Artillery makes it easy. This is especially useful with Ableton Live, because I can create a separate MIDI track, and record clips of myself playing my Audio FX in a spontaneous and improvised way. It's a lot of fun, and sounds good! There aren't many VSTs that can accept MIDI control from a separate track in Live.

-The Looper and Step Looper FX are fantastic... I'm still learning mastering them, but they sound great. I like that I can even loop backwards.

-It's designed intelligently, fairly easy to make changes, and there are interesting options for internal modulation sources that I have only begun to scratch the surface.


-You can only use the FX that are built into Artillery... it would be nice if I could load in an audio effect from Ableton Live, or Reaktor - for instance.

-The simple and diffusion delay FX work on some kind of sampled audio buffer, and the buffer keeps a certain amount of audio in it's buffer, even after you use the effect, so it plays old audio when you are triggering it on a new section... the end result is that it sounds horrible, and I find those FX are nearly useless. I emailed their tech support about it, but no one responded. I get the sense that development for this product may have ceased - it's several years old.

-I have looked through maybe 5 or 6 Global Presets, and I found them to sound very bad, or need a lot of tweaking. I don't understand why they have some of the settings that they do... for example, their mix settings were all turned down very low, so you couldn't hear any of the FX when they were triggered... but that's no big deal - I ended up making my own template anyways.

-The EQ's in Artillery don't sounds that great compared to the stock EQ3 modules in Ableton Live. I did some tweaking and I made them sound better, but I think those could be improved.


It's a great product. There simply aren't many alternatives if you want MIDI-key-controlled punch-in of audio FX. The fact that this VST has been around for many years and is still for sale testifies to it's strength and usefulness, I think. It's already a key element of my current workflow, and it's only becoming more important as I become more fluent with it.

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