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Reviewed By simondsouza [read all by] on 12th November 2006
Version reviewed: 2.9 on Windows.
Last edited by simondsouza on 12th November 2006.
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I reckon this is the BEST software looper out there for PC.

If you are into live loopin gthen this does it. I use it as a VST in Tracktion and have the 8 separate outputs on 8 separate tracks with different efrfects on each one. I'ma saxophonist and use it for creating rich ambient textures on live gigs with my buddy, an MC and beatboxer, who uses Ableton Live (He's on Mac, but would use Mobius if it was ported to Mac in preference to Live, how about that for a recommendation!!!)

Jeff, though I've not asked many questions, runs a lively and fequently used forum.

The documentation is pretty good, though requires quite a bit of knowledge of what looping is and what the hardware Gibson unit can do to make lots of sense.

But once I got my head round it it's wonderful.


It's very basic but it's scaleable and configurable, and actually, once you've got your MIDI controller figured out, you don't need some flash GUI.

What you put in you get out. It loops reliably, rarely crashes and is syncable with hosts and with other computers through MIDI clock.

I haven't really delved into Mobius' full capbilities, I believe it can do a lot more than I am asking of it. reversing loops, stretching them, copying and transforming, all on the fly.


It doesn't come with any, but you can create whatever presets you want for different situations.


As mentioned, there is a very active user forum that Jeff, the developer is at pains to support on a very regular basis.


It's free!!!!!!


Yes, it has crashed as a VST. There are some MIDI timing probs and sometimes Mobius and Energy XT refuse to get along (which is why I worked out how to use it in Tracktion, where it behaves perfectly).

As a standalone application it's been as solid as a rock for me.

I just want to sign off by saying that I havehad very little contact with Jeff and the user group. I just wanted to put a review up here, as I use KVR a lot and have relied on other peoples reviews in the past.

I think that this is one of the great pieces of software and ought to be more widely known. It's ugly to look at and is for a niche market, but it is superbly crafted for live musicians who want to get into using their computer to stretch the boundaries of the music they can make.