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Morphine [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Cyberwave [read all by] on 17th December 2007
Version reviewed: 1.2.5 on Windows
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Looking for an additive synth that looks good, runs good and sounds good? Then try Morphine. Morphine is one heck of a great VST, feautring everything you'd want for its price. If you have Octopus, it may remind you a bit of it, but as a sleeker, easier version.

GUI-Very easy to understand, unique, sleek and simple. Morphines Gui is just the right size too, not to big and you can see most of it on smaller resolutions. It's also not too overwhelming like some plugins can be. Theres a lot of just clicking and dragging points to change your sound, which is easy if you're new to this kind of stuff. Everything is straightforward too. Effects such as chorus and delay are at the bottom, and can be adjusted with the knobs. Master is at the top, and the generators are all right there for easy access. Overall, a great looking vst.

Sound-Theres plenty of VST's that sound all alike, but Morphine has some really creative and unique sounds. Deep, dark,ambinet sometimes creepy pads, that really set atomshpere and create depth in songs. Theres also interesting and unique SFX as well. Of course theres a lot of familar sounds too, such as those classic saw sounds you always hear. All the sounds can be mixed, and edited of course, and still sound great.

Features-A lot of easy to understand and use features. Master, delay, chorus, modulation, etc. All of which can be easily changed and edited. Very nice.

Documentation-I've never used any of the documents, but theres a help document. You probably won't need any documents though, since it's such an easy plugin to use.

Presents- Again, there are plenty of unique and interesting sounding presents from pads, keys, strings, leads, brass and wind, synth, vox, bass, SFX and percussion- similar to octopus, but some more unique and original. Again, all of them can be edited to sound even better or more towards your likeing. Honestly, some presents mainly the SFX can be hard to work with or incoparate into songs, but it just takes a little practice.

VFM-Good. I don't like spending more than 50$... on anything really, but a lot of people said this was a great synth, and I had some money to spend. I would have settled for about 100, but its still in the end worth it.

Stability/cpu- Wonderful. No problems at all. Very little CPU usage for such an awesome plugin too.

Overall, Morphine is one of my favorite plugins, and it's definately worth atleast downloading the demo.
Glitch [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Cyberwave [read all by] on 14th October 2007
Version reviewed: 1.3.04 on Windows
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Glitch, by Dblue is a free effect plugin that is one of my favorites. Before glitch, if I wanted to glitch/mix loops I'd have to slice em, and do it all manually. But this is a gift from the Glitch gods. Amazingly easy to use, and very nice souding. Definately worth downloading.

Really clear, easy to figure out GUI. Colors,
plenty of things to play around with each adding to your glitched up mix.

Sounds great- depending on what ever loop/sample you have. The plugin has plenty of filters and effects. Delay, reverb, modulation, etc. Each effect is unique, and can easily be changed. Of course things will sound a bit random, but it's glitch!

Definately offers more than you would expect. It would take forever to edit/program loops, samples and other things to get them to sound a certain way- but with this, you can do it all and more in just seconds.

The website has 2 documentations for v1.2 and v1.3 and each has plenty of answers to your questions and explains everything perfectly.

Technically doesn't contatin actuall presents, but the effects, and feautures might fit into this. Both great.


No problems what-so-ever. The cpu usage isn't too great, but not that bad either.

Overall, this has to be one of the best plugins- if not the best, for making glitch/idm/breakbeat or just adding some spice to your loops. Download this! It is amazing!