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Magnetic [read all reviews]
Reviewed By thejonsolo [read all by] on 9th December 2013
Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on Windows.
Last edited by thejonsolo on 9th December 2013.
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It seems that Nomad has a serious desire to make me poor. I say that because their plugins tend to be some of the best on the market. Take Magnetic II for instance...

One thing that has bugged me since I left the comfort of an Otari MX 80 is the warmth I used to get when I recorded. Ok ok ok...there was some noise and movement in the recordings, but that is where the music got its richness. And the digital domain, no matter how good the emulation of analog gets, has a sterile feel that is hard to hurdle. Enter Magnetic II.

Emulating a number of different tape machines, this is a beast of an effect. I never thought of Tape Color or Saturation method when I was recording, but now even THAT is editable. This plugin not only emulations but warms and colors your mix in a non-obtrusive way. From one point of view it is transparent...don't worry about your mix and your highs and low...they are not affected negatively with this plug. From another view, dial up the highs or the lows to create an airy-ness that only comes with recording to tape.

There is also a limiting effect that is created with the Gain Boost and Out Ceiling that is warm and natural. While switching between tape machine types, the change is subtle but is pretty accurate. There is a snobbish aspect to this that I feel since I actually have used some of the original things this plugin emulates...and quite well. However, I have to admit I was a fan of Magneto (Steinberg) even though it was only an interpretation of generic tape recording. Even with Cubase 7.5 in hand with the new Magneto 2 plug, I find myself reaching ONLY for the Nomad Magnetic II plug to give my tracks that warmth and gel that I got in bigger studios in the early 90s.

The best part??? I don't have to fork out tons of money for tape! It gets a 9 only because I can't smell the tape machine heating up.

Cosmos - Harmonic Exciter and Sub Generator [read all reviews]
Reviewed By thejonsolo [read all by] on 9th December 2013
Version reviewed: 4.0.0 on Windows
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On a few rare occasions a product comes along that you say to yourself, "that is just right". This is one of those occasions. And Cosmos is definitely the product! So let's qualify that beyond a few words.

The GUI is nothing over the top and serves it purpose. You get a sense of feedback instantly as you change the knobs or sliders on the two decibel displays. There is input and output gain like you might expect on any plug of this nature. There is also a limiter ON/OFF switch along with input gain. Slightly associated with that is the Bottom Drive gain. It acts as an independent low end boost that almost feels like it is emulating a bit of tube drive.

But this is where it gets really magical...

Starting with the Sub Bass Drive and Sub Bass Tuning: clean, rich, warm, and unlike any plugin I can remember. It has a feel and approach that the BBE plugins do, but this has character that is hard to describe without hearing it in action. Will it color your sound? Yes! I word it with emphasis because the coloring enhances your hard work and efforts to keep your bass ranges clean and boosts what is there without making mud out of your sand castle. This works well on the main mix for mastering as well as playing around as an effect your bass or pad sounds.

Then there is the Exciter and Stereo Imaging controls. Many exciters tend to sound like a boost to the upper end of the EQ in a mix. Not here. This Exciter really draws aspect of your mix out. I say "mix" because this plug sits well on the main output bus for mastering. That being said, this would also be the perfect sound shaper to bring a texture to your favorite synth sound that will breathe new life into it.

Whether you use this on your main mix, in mastering, or in conjunction with color synths, pads, pianos, or even guitars, there is a natural sound to Cosmos that is hard to find in plugins. It is warm and rich. It gels your mix in a fantastic way. It is one of my best purchases to date...and I recommend it to anyone serious about their sound.

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