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Reviewed By LeVzi [all]
November 1st, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0.7 on Windows

Really decent synth, after watching the videos I was intrigued to try it. Then I saw the offer and bought it along with a preset pack off their website.

I was really impressed, easy to use, has a really nice sound, the arp/sequencer is a pleasure to use. I hope more presets come along for it, and its found its way into my work instantly.

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Reviewed By LeVzi [all]
December 3rd, 2010
Version reviewed: latest on Windows

I bought this recently, as I do like G Sonique plugins (I use the Alien303 for all my 303 needs) and I am extremely happy with it.

I am not au fait with the whole analog vs digital arguements but this synth is incredibly rich in quality to cpu hit.

It has enough options for it to be useful in pretty much all areas, from thick basslines to powerful leads.

It is one of the lesser known synths around yet I think, one of the little hidden gems that you find and adore.

The price is crazy for such a great synth tbh, 28 Euros.

G Sonique are a company I fully trust and enjoy using their products.
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Reviewed By LeVzi [all]
November 12th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1.11.14 on Windows

I've owned Alchemy since the day of it's release, and it's only now i've decided to review it here, mainly due to the fact that it has literally never ceased to amaze me in what it can do. During the early days when i'd fire it up and just try things, you could spend endless hours playing with what seems like unlimited synthesis options. Some people will get this purely for it's VA options, but it does so much more. What amazes me with Alchemy is that you can setup what you may think is a good sound, and then realise there are so many more ways to improve it, just by using some of Alchemy's many modulation options alone. Not to mention the filters, of which there are many. It's sample mangling power is unsurpassed in my honest opinion, it does everything you could throw at it in that area, and then some. The Spectral and additive sections are again very in depth and infinitely tweakable with Alchemy's vast array of modulation options and filters, effects, you name it.

It really is what it says on the tin, a true Hybrid, as it does handle samples, yet you can use it to create your own synth sounds from scratch, it's GUI is very well laid out and very easy to understand. The snapshop/morphing options are something you'll find very interesting, as that allows you to take various snapshots of sounds/synth setups, whatever, and literally morph between them, which can be unreal. Camel Audio have literally piled in everything into this plugin, there is nothing left out. The effects section alone is of an extremely high quality as you'd expect from the creators of Camelspace & Camelphat.

I cannot recommend this plugin enough to any producer/sound creator, or just someone who enjoys doing something different. Alchemy will not only deal with anything from a "Supersaw" to a spectral square.

Each and everytime I open Alchemy, not only is it a pleasure to work with, not only does it allow me to be that little bit different, it allows me to go deeper into synthesis than i've been before, as it really is that good.

Camel have set a new high in plugin quality with this animal, alchemy will be the front runner for plugins for many years to come, maybe by which time, Alchemy 2 will be ready.
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