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Sprike [read all reviews]
Reviewed By RawGreen [read all by] on 19th October 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows
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After only 3 hours of use I'm very troubled by this VST.

Using the latest versions of FLstudio on 64-bit Windows 7, it doesn't seem to matter if I'm running my DAW in 32 or 64-bit, bridging the process (which normally lets me bypass DAW crashes from VSTi completely), threaded processing turned off or not, there's some peculiar problems that occur. On almost regular intervals it crashes my DAW when I open or close the VST. Sometimes when I open the menu to view the presets, sometimes when I try to change values on the effects. The rate it crashes my software is quite frankly alarming and I would never consider using this for production. If I could find a work-around for it I'd do that and be sure to post it here but even my counter measures I take for troubleshooting that worked for literally everything else in my entire lifetime of working with digital music software seems to have had no effect whatsoever. I'm at a loss.

Aside from that, other things I've found common are that when I load in a preset, all drop down menu boxes are blank until I select a new value. With the Mod Matrix and the Effects Stack I can't see where the currently loaded effects are, if I try to add one I might accidentally replace an effect.

And when the visual display freezes, it works as a pretty good indicator I should save my progress soon as a crash is coming up soon.

The presets are nice, a lot of the sounds are fairly decent, I personally love the Acid presets as they sound pretty legit. Some of the Pad presets are also nice and thick. In the current version of this VST my best advice is to not load it up directly into a large project so you don't have to risk loading it when opening your project later. If you decide you want to use this VST at all, take a MIDI file or sequence from your project into a new project with only this VST in it, and bounce down the audio into sample format.

When I saw this VST it really got my hopes up to test and review it, but it just didn't work out for me.
If you have a positive experience with this VST I highly encourage you to write a good review for it.

Cookin - Additive Synthesis [read all reviews]
Reviewed By RawGreen [read all by] on 11th July 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows.
Last edited by RawGreen on 11th July 2017.
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Easy to use and understand. It does have limits that become clear after using it, as well I've found a bug and two issues that you might have while using it.

Starting with the Usage, it produces very nice pseudo retro sounds. Each of the modulators effect the other oscillator respectively and you need not have the volume turned on from an oscillator that's only modulating if you so choose. The presets give you clear definitions of the types of sounds you can produce.
I can easily recommend this if you need something to make pseudo retro game soundtracks with.

Next looking at Limits, it is very clear what Cookin can do in its standalone form:

  1. Most of the sounds have a long Release time and there's no Envelope control. If you need to work around this end the MIDI notes sooner than when they're needed to stop to get them to end the release sooner.
  2. Each oscillator only has 4 waveforms (you change them by clicking the image). but you can get almost any sound you need by using the modulation knobs.
  3. The Filter functions similarly to the waveforms, you have the options between Low Pass, Band Pass, and High Pass.

The one major Bug that I found is if you rapidly move or agitate a knob the VST will cause the process it is running on to stop responding. In my experience it mostly only happens with the modulation knobs. If available in your DAW I recommend saving often as well as loading up Cookin in a bridged process so that if you come across this bug you can manually exit the bridged process using a Task Manager without crashing your DAW.

Last but not least here are some Issues you may come across. Sometimes a low frequency sound is produced below 20Hz, I've found that this is typically caused by the modulation knobs and can be produced even if the VST is not playing any sound. I recommend using a High Pass filter from inside your DAW rather than the one available inside Cookin to resolve this issue.

This last one may be just a personal gripe. The Cookin image that flashes in the corner of the VST puts out a Value Change indication and my DAW picks it up as a Manual Value Change. The only real issue this caused for me personally was not being able to view specific numeric values of anything that I put my cursor over. I unfortunately do not have a good workaround for this.

Last Words, after using it for 5 hours, I've got to say it is worth using. If you want to download and use it I highly recommend purposefully trying to run the Bug that I mentioned so you can learn how much agitation is actually needed before it Freezes. After this you know what to expect if you're going to automate anything and should prevent you from accidentally running into it later on.