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Reviewed By artificial [read all by] on June 1st, 2011
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows.
Last edited by artificial on 1st June 2011.
User Interface: I simply love Alchemy Players GUI. It comes with 2 skins out of the box. So, you can choose between a brighter and darker appearance. Both are really clear and well structured. All the controls are visible and self-explanatory.

Sound: First of all, you have to know, that there's the same engine working beneath the hood as in Alchemy. I downloaded Alchemy Player and tried out the factory sounds and yeah, I really got lost in all these great pads, soundscapes, etc... ! These sounds were exactely what I was looking for. Furthermore, you can extend the sound palette by purchasing more soundsets from Camel Audios website. I'm an owner of Luftrum:Ambient and I just can say, the quality of this soundset is just outstanding. So I'm sure, all the other soundsets are worth every penny too.

Features: Despite one could think that Alchemy Player is "just a preset machine", it can can much much more. For each preset you have a dedicated adsr envelope. Furthermore, there are 8 knobs which give you control over predefined parameters of the loaded preset. There are also 2 X/Y pads in the middle of the plugin, which can be assigned to different parameters. You can also find 8 remix pads on it, which allow you to quickly tweak the sound!
Since v.1.2 it also possible to load sfz files! With this feature alone, it would be a great sample player - depending on which sfz-files you use. In combination with the remix pads, you can come up with great and innovative sounds very fast!
So, I think for a freebie this is an amazing feature set, even though it's not bloated. IMO a really well thought-out concept with nearly endless possibilities!

Documentation: You can find the documentation of Alchemy Player in Alchemys' manual, as it is the same as "Alchemys' SIMPLE Interface"! But honestly, I think everything in Alchemy Player is quite self-explanatory, so hardly a manual is need, but maybe that's just my opinion.

Customer support: IMO, Camel Audio has one of the best customer services out there. I contacted ZenPunkHippy (Andy) quite often with some specific questions and I always got a super-fast and competent answer! Perfect!

Value for money: The plugin itself is free, so what should I say? Best value for money! ;) The individual soundsets cost about 25-50 € which is a steal for the quality you get!

Stability: I use it quite of in my projects, and never had a single crash. So, rock-stable!