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Triangle II

Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by Cakewalk
No Longer Available
Triangle II
Triangle II by Cakewalk is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
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  • 2 Oscillators, one SubOscillator and a Tuned Noise generator.
  • 7 fully bandlimited waveforms per oscillator, detune, transpose and table shift controls.
  • PWM in both oscillators, with manual width control or controllable by LFO.
  • MULTI mode, which turns oscillator 1 in eight individual oscillators, with multi detune control.
  • SYNC mode.
  • Portamento with fixed and variable time, fingered or normal, and selectable effect on pitch bend.
  • DC Burst generator to add punch to attack stage.
  • Adjustable range Pitch Bend.
  • Main Tune and Random Tune controls.
  • 2-pole LPF/HPF/BPF, and ultrasmooth 4-pole LPF/HPF plus a high resonance 4-pole LPF filters.
  • 3 dedicated Pitch, Filter and Amplifier Envelope Generators.
  • 3 dedicated Pitch, Filter (PWM) and Amplifier LFOs.
  • 4 channels mixer.
  • Bass Eq control with adjustable centre frequency.
  • Hard Drive effect.
  • Decimator effect.
  • Aggressive 6-Voice Chorus mono/stereo effect, controllable by Envelope Generator.
  • Stereo/Ping delay effect, BPM sync'able to host tempo.
  • Reverb effect with size control and two rendering modes.
  • Stereo Spread effect.
  • Four playing modes: Fingered, Low and High priority note Legato, Full Legato.
  • All controls (67 knobs, 19 selectors), in front panel, no paged interface.
  • Full MIDI Learn operation, with selectable min/max/reverse status.
  • Multiple controls can be assigned to MIDI cc's, same MIDI cc can be assigned to several controls.
  • 128 program capacity, 128 factory presets instantly available via right-click.
  • Up/Down program controls.
  • Built-in program/bank naming, saving and loading capabilities (.fxb/.fxp).
  • User definable bank for auto-loading on startup.
  • Circular or Linear knob mode, with selectable inertia.
  • Full note range preview ribbon, which sends MIDI messages to host.
  • Complete User Manual included.

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.46 from 39 reviews
Triangle II

Reviewed By mhemnarch [all]
September 16th, 2007
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows

Triange II is a solid VA monosynth, with a pretty good featureset. I wouldn't pay a lot for it if it was for sale (not with the amount of good freeware out there), but as a free plugin it's definitely worth your time.

Triangle II's sound comes from two main oscillators and a sub-oscillator. Its filters sound good, very thick and expressive, but they aren't as flexible as I'd like. Even with the delay, chorus, and other effects, this synth doesn't have as much variety as I'd like. You can make a good amount of sounds from it, yes, and they do sound good, but compared to many other synths (Crystal and Ouatmeal, for example) Triangle II isn't nearly as versatile as it could be.

To be fair, Triangle II's flaws don't stop it from being a darn good synth. It can make solid basses, cool (if bland) leads, and even the occasional pad. It has a nice, modern sound, not the earthy sound of a real analog synth but a cool sound in its own right. I'd say this synth is a must-download for synthesizer newbies, thanks to its straightforward interface and sound, and even worth a look for more experienced musicians.
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Triangle II

Reviewed By djastroboy [all]
November 2nd, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.11 on Windows

This is a good synth. If you are just comparing raw capabilities, it has a basic sound and features roughly comparable to synth1, but monophonic. So if you were gonna start all your patch programming efforts from scratch, you should probably just get synth1 and concentrate on that.
However, if you like to have lots of presets to listen to for song inspiration or just starting points to create new sounds, then you have to get Triangle II to mine the huge number of banks that are available here at KVR and other sites.

The basic sound of Triangle II is generic in a good way. It doesn't jump out at you the way that a Crystal or a Protoplasm does. It's 'in a good way` because you need those bread and butter sounds to round out your sonic creations.

Watch out when you hold down keys as you change presets, you will often be greeted by strange sounds that don't seem to come from the preset you started from or the one you ended up at.

Like synth1, CPU usage is tiny. Probably as little as any VST instrument.
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Triangle II

Reviewed By Daedalus [all]
May 16th, 2004
Version reviewed: 99999999 on Windows

This is quite an nice VSTi. It's kind of like the Pentagon, but freeware. You can create some nice lead and bass sounds with this baby, but they aren't as good as the sounds that the Superwave P8 or Crystal can create. The Triange II is very stable and comes with some nice presets, although the presets don't give you a good example of wat the Triangle II is capable of.
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Triangle II

Reviewed By Neil Hunter [all]
October 2nd, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.11 on Windows

This is one fabulous FREE bit of kit. The presets are great, the GUI is intelligible and the best bit - it's FREE!!!!!

T2 has to be in every project studio's arsenal of VST synths, especially for those looking for that fat, analogue synth sound.
Although it's only a Mono synth, it can create soune superb lead sounds as well as bass/foundation notes.

Superb. It compares very well with Pentagon 1 which I paid for, but is obviously much less versatile. If you like T2, get P1 as well....Awesome stuff.

Neil, Sussex, UK.
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Triangle II

Reviewed By geeseaplenty [all]
April 16th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.5? on Windows

This is one of the best monophonic synths out there. The effects are an added bonus. I love it on it's own, but for really fat complexity, open up two or three instances of this baby in your host and give 'em each a different sound. Whallah! You have an isn't multi-oscilator synth! And it's free!
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Comments & Discussion for Cakewalk Triangle II

Discussion: Active
20 March 2015 at 3:36am

Anyone else having trouble downloading this?

17 April 2015 at 1:09am

It seems to be definitively abandoned by Cakewalk. The question has been asked a few months ago in the Cakewalk forum and Cakewalk never answered.

But you can download it here (legally) in the web history (use the link "Download it today" at the top of the rightmost column of the page):


The link works perfect, I've just tried it again for you a minute ago.

It can also be downloaded passing by Pluginboutique (an excellent website, I like it a lot):


For their other freeware (Square I) it is the same punishment: too old for the taste of Gibson (the new owner of Cakewalk), so it went to the dustbin as well. But the problem is that the download file for "Square I" has never been kept by the history (the Wayback Machine). And it is not available at Pluginboutique either. Conclusion: this one is lost for the eternity...

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