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Reviewed By duckwit [read all by] on January 26th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1beta on Windows.
Last edited by duckwit on 2nd February 2002.
Ive been a huge fan of vaz since i tried the original VAZ+ 4 about 4 years ago. The sound is better than any other VA softsynth imo. The step sequencer is great if you like authentic sounding analog seq lines. User interface is great, simple and effective. Would like a few more features but there is always Vaz modular when it come out. I would have liked more usable presets, but it is easy to tweak and has that strange quality that whatever you do with it sounds good. Customer suport is very good, very quick to respond. I can get about 48 voice polyphony out of my Duron 700 which is very good considering it seems to have no alaising in the sound.

I cant recomend this highly enough simply because it sounds so good.

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