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Synth Plugin by Sonic Academy
ANA 2 by Sonic Academy is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin and an AAX Plugin.
System Requirements
VST, AAX - 32/64-bit
Minimum Spec - Windows 7 +, Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 512 MB RAM
System Requirements
VST, AAX & AU 32/64-bit
Minimum Spec - Mac OS X 10.8 or later (32/64-bit), Intel Core Duo, 512 MB RAM (No PPC)
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Sonic Academy announces the launch of it's new plugin 'ANA 2'

Completely redesigned from the ground up, ANA returns to the scene stronger than ever.

Our highly anticipated launch is finally here. We have spent many thousands of hours rebuilding and redesigning every nook and cranny of ANA to create a beautifully elegant and powerful synth. One that is super simple to use but with an extensive toolset to allow you to create complex and exciting sounds.

Over 3 YEARS in the making, ANA 2 is finally ready and we can't wait for you all to try it out.

We have completely redesigned the interface, with a brand new HD Retina ready GUI with both classic white and a new black skin to choose from.

With all of the new features we have crammed into ANA 2 it was a challenge to present it all on screen without it getting cluttered, we have managed to accomplish this simple and familiar layout that made ANA 1 so famous, whilst also giving you the full flexibility of what ANA 2 has to offer.

Morph your sound with 3D Wavetables

With our 3D Oscillator, expansive complex sounds is just a knob turn away.

Combine up to 3 wavetable oscillators with our other sound sculpting features, and you will understand just how beautifully complex sounds can become in ANA 2. Click on the waveform to open the waveform browser panel and populate all three oscillators with only a few clicks, then assign your G-ENV to the morph knob to create evolving pads, dirty wubs or epic atmospheres.

Import your own Wavetables

ANA 2 will let import your own custom wavetables into ANA 2, it even reads wavetables created in Serum.

Big Screen Graphical Envelopes

Want to make the ultimate envelope for that perfect sound, well how about doing it in big screen awesomeness. ANA 2 has three graphical envelopes or "G-ENVs". Each with virtually unlimited nodes to create your own shapes, quickly and easily.

The new G-Env includes custom grid sizing, snapping, a step mode and new curved lines giving you total control over modulation shapes with ease.

Import your own samples

You can now import your own custom samples into one of the 3 sampler Oscillators in ANA 2, or choose from the included library of sounds to make your presets standout.

Just Drag and drop files from your DAW or file system then modify your samples into something entirely new and unique with looping, crossfade, pitch and reverse.

24 Built-In FX Units

ANA 2 comes with 24 built-in world-class effects that can be used in 5 insert slots, or in the two send and return slots.

Each effect has full control over input, output and dry/wet - as well as every effect parameter being available as a modulation destination or macro control to get some insane effects going with the turn of one knob. You are only limited by your imagination.

Drag & Drop FX Reordering

The 5 insert slots can be re-ordered by simply grabbing and moving the tabs, to quickly check out different effect combos.

Polyphonic Step Arpeggiator

The advanced 64 note polyphonic step arpeggiator in ANA 2 breaks new ground for a built-in synth arp. Helping you create beautiful and inspiring arpeggios in an elegant and beautiful work area.

We believe, with its array of controls, and massive 64 steps, you can create mind-blowing arps right from the get-go. Reorder notes, add swing and gates or just open one of the factory presets to get started straight away.

The 64 note step sequencer not only controls velocity but has two 'modulation' sources which can be assigned to any modulation destination.

Instant Chord Progressions with CMD

This is where ANA 2 goes epic. Assign any chord to any key to create world-class chord progressions.

Work CMD and ANA 2's arp together, for an incredibly powerful tool creating complex chord progressions, insane arps with beautiful chord changes or the darkest of techno stabs with huge six note extended chords from the preset list.

We think there is nothing out there in a synth to match the CMD / Arp combo and the world of possibilities it brings to the producer.

Modulation Matrix

Working fast is essential in today studio environment, and with ANA 2's mod matrix you can see, edit and control multiple modulations at a glance.

Nearly every parameter on ANA 2 can be used as a target using one or all of the many sources. These can quickly be assigned, set up and controlled using right click assignments or via the mod matrix panel.

Macro Controls

The modulation in ANA 2 is comprehensive and will become an extremely powerful tool when designing sounds.

It is further enhanced when used in combination with the macro controls. Here you can assign several modulation targets to one knob, available on the front panel or assigned to a controller. Add custom names to the controls for that personal touch.

Over 500 Presets Included

Bundled with ANA 2 are hundreds of presets to get you started.

ANA 2 comes bundled with over 500 unique presets to get you going right out of the box.

With a super easy to use preset browser, you can find the preset you want quicker. You can filter by categories and genre type or even create your own custom tags for presets.

46 High Quality Filters

The key to great sounding productions is a great sounding synth and the key to a great sounding synth is great sounding filters.

We have 46 filter types in ANA 2, from classic ANA 1 filters to exhaustive emulations of some of the synths worlds most iconic filters. We are really proud of ANA 2s filters.

{See video at top of page}

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.50 from 4 reviews

Reviewed By digitalboytn
May 22nd, 2021

ANA 2 is getting a whole lotta love in my world...

It's easy to tweak and sits well in the mix...

Powerful oscillators, tone shaping and modulation options and a killer arpeggiator and effects section...

The main guys who did the the DSP coding are no clowns and they've created a seriously good synth that is a programmer's delight...

Anybody who can't make great sounding tracks of any genre with ANA 2, should be looking in the user error department...

This synth is a 5 Star winner in my world...

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Reviewed By pvallejosb
April 12th, 2021

To be honest, I wanted to give it a 4,5 rating.

It is an amazing synth, with top sound quality and awesome features. It also has one of the best arpeggiators I've ever played with.

The only downside is that we have better wavetable synths today, even some of them are free (Vital). That's the only downside. Everything else is just amazing.

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Reviewed By replicant X
September 3rd, 2019

The flavor of Juno, JP, Mini, MS, OB and etc.
ANA2 condense the essence of these greatest synthesizers and it even brings new sounds with 3D Wavetable and G-Env.

You can use it as a instant synthwave machine with those 80's vintage sounds but it can be a growl machine for dubstep.
And the FM section have charactor of TX81Z, so It's very suitable for bass sounds of house music or EBM.
And the Hyper saw is indistinguishable from Virus.

FX section have not only basic FXs, but also Ensamble, Tape simu, Multi Lim, Multi Comp, Sidekick, and etc.
And the preset browser is very easy to use with tags, ratings and a search function.

In addition, the CMD can be secret weapon if you know how to use it.

The specification is.

3 WaveTable OSCs - Including vintage analog waveforms and 3D morphable waveforms.

Each OSC have SubOSC, Phase / Morph, Sync, FM, Voices (up to 9 unison), Detune, Shape, Pan, Filter routing, Volume.

3 Sample OSCs - can load wave file with Drag and Drop.

2 Filters - 46 filter type including vintage analog emulations.

6 ENVs - 1 FilterENV, 1 Amp ENV, 4 Mod ENV. You can chose the charactor from very snappy ENV to more analog ENV.

3 G-ENVs - Graphical, sketchable ENV. It can be used as LFO and syncable to host BPM.

3 LFOs - It can be "one shot" like ENV, of corse syncable.

4 Macros Controls.

1 EQ.

FX - 5 slots, 24 FXs.

Mod Matrix - 16 Mod matrix slots, 16 Macro matrix slots.

ARP - Polyphonic Arpeggiator.

CMD - Chord Memory Device.

what more can i ask for?

Absolutely 5 Stars.

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Reviewed By moonchunk
January 4th, 2018

This is a first impression review. If you're here because you watched Plugin Guru's video on ANA 2, that's how I learned about it as well (Its a good overview if not). I just purchased this a day ago, so I reserve the right to adjust the review in the near future. Okay, this is a decent synth that may be well, well worth your money. From what I can tell its a really good synth, particularly appealing to me in 5 particular aspects:

1) The features of the synth are particularly well thought out, kind of based on Omnisphere (in terms of mod matrix layout and combination of wave file (in the sampler) with wavetable sound source) meets Serum (the importable wave tables), meets Spire, meets a Kirnu Cream-style pair of arp and chord memory sections (with the Kirnu Cream functionality I think making a number of people's heads turn, especially since not everyone has understood or mastered Kirnu Cream in the first place, and it has both a single-note-to-chord-memory module, and a basket arp memory (which has three 6-basket octave positions, which is a bit wider than Kirnu's).

2) Extensive modulation capability. And I mean extensive.

3) A Three wavetable Osc section and also a three Sampler Osc section - each of which may be loaded with user tables or samples.

4) Feature 3 plus the modulation features and the G-envelope, and a number of other other features, make this a very good synth to design unique and rich sounds in.

5) Overall this is one of the most easy to learn synths I have seen - or it could just be me, but I mean, the layout is really just left to right, down, left to right, down, and so on, and each part of the flow makes a lot of sense to an uninformed synth user like myself.

I saw one user complain that he didn't understand the Arp section, which is understandable.

As a result of this complaint, if others express the same one, then my advice to Sonic Academy would be to add a traditional arp and step sequencer to the list of features because that certainly wouldn't hurt. And getting your head around the new manner of thinking provided by Kirnu is a little bit of an undertaking.

The way it works, AFAIK, is that baskets are available in memory, that receive a set of incoming MIDI Note On's (such as if you hold down a chord with several notes). A graphic display lets a user choose which basket to play the note from, while the "arp/sequence" is running. (Unfortunately from what I can tell here, in this synth, (not in Kirnu) it isn't simple to impact the note velocity coming back out. One could design a G-envelope pattern and do it that way, but to have control of the velocity of each note in the arp on a second screen, as Kirnu does, would be helpful.

But that brings up a drawback of Kirnu not present in this synth. I've always felt it was extremely liberating to have step sequencers built into synths as opposed to VST arp players (or Ableton's Note FX) that route MIDI into a soundsource. This is because the inherent modulation chain of the synth can involve kinds of "retrigger", or not involve them, whereas with MIDI you pretty much have the retrigger (or it would take a very sophisticated programmer to purposefully artfully ignore them in some particular set of rules). So if you play a note and your synth has a step sequencer, the amplitude envelope will not necessarily be a factor in the sound of each note - a much more glissando effect. So it is an advantage to have under your control a development team that is in the process of redefining these functions - there are a great many possibilities.

As far as the Sampler Osc section, my first experience with it was an extremely good one. It is very well laid out, with an intuitively understandable set of controls. It was easy to create non-clicking loops, and there is a built in high pass filter at the front of the chain, for those times when you want to add a vibe without overwhelming your mix.

The reason I only gave this synth a 7 is because I feel that the amount of work that went into the programming/sound algorithm design is limited relative to a synth such as Spire, and the 500 plus factory presets have some goodies, but do not cover the breadth of the Spire factory sounds. Of course, this is about a third less expensive than Spire (Edit, spire is now 30% off, at about $130, so strike that for now), and with Spire one also gets addicted and wants to load up on 3rd party sounds, which is even more money. Personally right now I'm not tempted to buy the ANA 2 Sounds. Yet. Until I do a bunch of sound design stuff with its Sampler Oscs.

But Spire kills as far as sound quality. Full disclosure: VPS Vengeance, and Falcon, two other synths I have the fortune of owning, also manage to demonstrate some power for the bucks in terms of presets and sound quality that will hopefully come with time for this baby. Omnisphere 2 is a powerhouse for cinematic sounds, but also has a very good sounding synth engine. Falcon kind of covers a bit of the territory in their macro aspect that Omnisphere 2 doesn't. Although I think Spire, Vengeance, and Falcon each have unique appeal that extends into territory that none of the others cover, the EDM genre is a particular field with particular needs. I haven't explored Dune 2 long enough to judge where it sits, and as of yet I haven't owned Sylenth, nor have I gotten any of the products of u-he, although I keep telling myself that is the next step. In fact, that was where the money was slated for that I used to pay for ANA 2. Or maybe Tera by VirSyn because I demo'd that and loved its sound. But clearly I'm a sucker for the arps/chord memory stuff since I'm not a good keyboardist and not getting much better as time goes on either. Thus far no one has reproduced the Omnisphere Live mode functions, which are equally helpful (it lets you play slightly ahead and locks your rhythm in - ANA 2, are you listening?

As far as the sound algorithm design, I think the guys at Sound Academy are probably on the right track but need to tinker a bit. They seem to have a pretty good, maybe great, Virus reproduction. Maybe they just have some work to do to create a bit more magic with some of the other sounds in terms of their approaches - or its the FM side of things that's turning me off, that's making their preset library suffer. And I think putting together a great sounding FM Synth is incredibly hard. And it could be a matter of filters as well, although there are a great many in here, I'm no expert on their quality.

Overall though, with features such as up to 9 unison layers per wavetable OSC, and some very powerful modulators, along with 3 Sample Oscs that are available for user sounds, there is enormous potential here. The deep level of experience when it comes to things like FM synthesis is beyond my pay grade, as are topics like what makes a hardware synth sound (in a positive way) the particular way it does.

But I predict you will get a lot of mileage out of this, and if you are a non-keyboard player, and have something like Ableton or Bitwig, it will be much easier to work out progressions, even impossible to play ones, using a single chord memory preset (CMD preset) and the arp functions in ANA 2 (stored as separate presets), than writing MIDI into a clip by hand. Its a creativity-inspiring feature to be sure. Basically if you own Spire, Cthulhu, and Kirnu Cream, you are exceeding this functionality pretty much, but I defy you to do it at this price.

If I clear the wax out of my ears (they are clean as far as I can tell - but hey, do you have a flashlight, maybe you can check for me) I may raise this 7 star review up a point. But I'm happy I made the purchase and am looking forward to watching the further development.

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Comments & Discussion for Sonic Academy ANA 2

Discussion: Active
17 February 2018 at 10:08am

I owned Ana1 and upgraded to Ana2 - Ana2 is miles better, just as Kick2 is superior to kick1.

The sound design videos are well worth watching you realise that a lot of thought has gone into this synth. It's quite possible this has the most flexible supersaw parameters of all the VSTs - so you can fine tune that saw sound right at the oscillator stage (instead of trying the get the sound with filters & effects.)

Like you say this has similar features to Kinnu cream& cuthulu built into the synth - and having the mid, high and low arps is really cool, it's easy to fill out the top & bottom of a pattern in stages without messing up the main pattern.

The big question is - can it replace Sylenth or Spire (hybrid3 - can't believe they give it away for $1) ?

they all have A and B layers and Sylenth and Spire have massive soundbanks everywhere, and are still used on most Dance productions. The new synth that is pushing its way to the top is Serum, so can Ana2 compete with serum as well?

the fact that you can load in wavetables should mean Ana2 can do a lot of what Serum does, so in some ways Ana2 could be a good contender as someone's first choice synth to compose and produce with.

A lot of people just want presets and to know that all the producers are using the same banks, so that their track stands the best chance of sounding acceptable and professional.

You are going to have to program your own sounds and be confident that Ana2 sounds good enough to your own ears, because most people are going to play it safe and use Sylenth and save up for Serum (or pay for them monthly, both do payment plans)


27 August 2018 at 12:34pm

I bought Ana 2 a few weeks ago. It is excellent value for money. The Arp/chord memory feature is what makes it stand out from the other synths around $100-180. They can all do wavetables and analogue waves with nice analogue filters, but the Arp on Ana2 is untypical in its depth of features. When combined with the chord memory you can jam with a drum loop for endless fun.

I got it for $115 and its absolutely a steal for that price.

25 April 2018 at 12:52pm

Rumor has it that Sonic Academy will release a streamlined version similar to SynthMaster One, I've heard they will call it AnaL, so I'm going to look forward to that as I expect many will.

23 August 2019 at 2:08pm

I already own too many VST's: Avenger, Serum, Diva, Zebra 2, Hive 2, Synthmaster and Pigments. But I was pleasantly surprised with ANA 2, I really, really dig the sound: full, fat, analog sound (when you want it). Only Diva does it better, but it's way more limited than ANA 2. Setup ANA 2 with the Saw Fat OSC, some SUB, the ROLY filter and some DRIVE and turn the cutoff knob... oh yes.

I prefer synths with one big GUI with all features readily accessible, and ANA 2 just delivers that.

Didn't delve deep into it yet, but I can already tell this one is going to stick (even though Hive/Diva are my cookie cutters).

Compared to...

I saw @moonchunk mention Spire to be even better sound quality wise so I downloaded the demo to compare: I very much prefer ANA 2. We all have our opinions and preferences I guess :).

Diva... well... it's thé analog synth emulation. A class of its own. I love it. But as previously said: ANA 2 is much more versatile.

Serum and Hive are - not surprisingly - much cleaner sounding, I wasn't able to recreate the ANA 2 sound with them. Both can sound fat, but in a clean way, not a dirty one.

Zebra 2 can sound similar in its own (good) way. Pretty crazy for such an old synth really.

Pigments has an analog engine but it can't match the ANA 2 engine in my opinion. I very much like Pigments as a wavetable synth though and the modulation visibility is superb.

I almost never work with Synthmaster (got it on a sale for like 50$) so I didn't do a comparison.

VPS Avenger... I don't know why it gets so much praise. It's one of the first synths I ever bought but I just never liked it: cumbersome layout, boring filters (with a drive sound I don't like), ... No match for any of the synths I have. Sure, it's one of the most versatile synths out there but what do all the bells and whistles matter when you don't like the sound right? ANA 2 is so much more better sounding.

Just my 2 cents.

25 November 2019 at 2:26am

That was super helpful, thank you.

23 March 2020 at 9:48am

Hello everyone. these days I bought some presets for Ana 2 from Vandalism. the problem is that i only have .preset files and i don't know how to add them. could someone help me?

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