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Reviewed By LlukaX [read all by] on 6th January 2010
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows.
Last edited by LlukaX on 6th January 2010.
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This is the most useful distortion plugin i have ever used.
It sounds great to me with every setting I've tried and when mixed with other distortions in the Mokafix FX pack #1 it can be a beast. Particularly with the Muffin or Kung Fuzz. They all seem to blend so nicely.

Rectifuzz looks, feels, and sounds like the real thing, so I found it easy to use on the first try.

I've always wanted the perfect mix of fuzz tone in a plugin, smooth but with just enough bite for metal. I'd have to say it's impossible with the emulations that came with my amp simulator.I admit I'm a perfectionist with my guitar tone, and consequently I would always end up frustrated and on numerous occasions simply gave up for a few months.

Now I'm thrilled to finally have my favorite pedal in a plugin and that it does what I expect it to do. As a guitarist this was the smartest plugin purchase i've made. With Rectifuzz I literally got my dream tone in 45 minutes, and the price was unbeatable. I will never use my amp sim without this plugin readily in the fx chain.
Reviewed By LlukaX [read all by] on 23rd August 2006
Version reviewed: 1.3.6 on Windows
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This is without a doubt the best sequencer for your money. It's gorgeous UI is inspiring. It sounds better than cubase. I'm getting a great clear sound. There are a TON of features and there is a new version, XT2, on the way!. I found XT easy to learn since I also use synthedit, alhough video tutorials are available, can't beat that. There is also a dedicated forum for help which usually is quick. For what energyXT does there is no better deal out there. energyXT is also a lot more stable than cubase on my system. I wont penalize for presets because I really don't believe it applies here.

I have not tried energyXT as a VST plugin yet, because it works so well as standalone application. I simply ditched my old sequencer for this new wonderful application. I am very greatful for the low price that I could afford. I feel as if i'm building my own virtual recording environment when using energyXT. It's quite easy to get comfortable using it because it's so customizable. There are many skins to apply on the GUI and if that's not enough you can even make your own! I honestly don't know what I'd do without it.
Reviewed By LlukaX [read all by] on 14th August 2006
Version reviewed: 1.10 on Windows
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What can I say? This has to be the most useful VST tool I've ever owned. I use it in every session.
The user Interface is sweet and simple. Not much time is needed to configure it with great end results. The sound is the best part because it sounds like anything you want it to sound like. I usually run it through Trilogy through my guitar for instant, editable, bass tracks. There are few features, most of them are just to enhance the performance of the audio to midi conversion. I would like to see a pitch bend feature soon though! The docs are easy to understand, although it is easy without them. WIDI VST is automatically set at the perfect preset for guitar, which i use it for. It uses a minimum of resources and never crashes. I've tried every audio to midi application out there and none have impressed me as much as WIDI. I owned a roland GR-1, which has just been sold to a shop! If you are looking to convert audio to midi this plugin is definatly worth the 60 bucks. Hell, i'd have bought it for twice that. It's also the only one that is polyphonic!