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Reviewed By Dan [read all by] on July 5th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Dan on 5th July 2003.
This is one very cool synth. It has a very unique approach and lots of tweakability. I used to have a korg wavestation and this synth reminds me of it quite abit but its definately more powerfull.

The included waveforms are fairly extensive and creating patches is quite easy, the included patches/combi's are quiet nice and definately useable. The real fun for me has been in making my own.

The basic sound generation source is the "phraze". A phraze can be made up from only one waveform or many and you have tons of control over how the phrase sounds from very rythmic to standard subtractive like sounds.

You also have "mucho" control over how each part of the phraze sounds by means of many controllable parameters like gate time, cutoff, etc etc etc etc etc.

There is just so much fun that can be had with this synth that frankly Im not touching on in this review ... The main thing I can say is that if your considering it, download the demo ... I think you will like.

I think this synth was definately worth the purchase.

I do have a few critisms. The master effect FX mix parameter has a tendancy to lower the volume as you turn it up, this should just NOT be. Also the Xfading bewteen patches in combi also messes with the volume of the combi and therefore would be more tedious to automate.

The manual is pretty good, it only leaves ya guessing in a few areas
Reviewed By Dan [read all by] on January 5th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
Well when I first started playing around with stylus I was alittle dissapointed as at first it seems like most of the grooves/loops in it were really not my "cup of tea" but ...

When I started mixing it into tracks it became apperant that these grooves sit really nicely in a mix regardless of the musical "style" (no pun intended :)). Had I not actaully used it in some tracks I would have probably given it a 7 on sound, but in a mix ... it gets a 10. The sounds work well with some compression, reverb, delay etc.

Whats really nice about stylus is that you can drop a grove in on top of a mix to liven it up or start a whole new song based on one of the grooves ... it all works wonderfully once you start to make real music with it.

I like the simple interface. The ability to filter/process individual slices is nice; however I havent so far really wanted too.

I do wish there were more percussion type loops, there are some but I wish there were more.

I have ran into a few clitches along the way ...

1) when used on a track and you zone edit ... the names of the slices dont change like they do when playing directly from a keyboard ... maybe this is by design but I would have liked to see this for more feedback.

2) I had some problems in Orion with the imported midi files not playing back correctly but in cubase SX it works correctly ... Ive reported this to rich so it should be fixed in short order.

I think this unit could be a little less expensive but all in all Im happy I got it. :)
Reviewed By Dan [read all by] on February 17th, 2002
Version reviewed: release on Windows.
Last edited by Dan on 17th February 2002.
This is a really nice improvement to the wasp. Its very stable and the effects section and para eq really increase the sonic capabilities. If your a wasp fan this is definately a must get. If you haven't ever tried the wasp its an excellent value for the cash. It works very well in every VST host I've tested in.