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Reviewed By Bonteburg [read all by] on February 22nd, 2006
Version reviewed: 3.2.4 on Mac.
Last edited by Bonteburg on 9th January 2022.

Crossfade Loopsynth is a vsti/AU that will let you load a single .wav or .aiff into its interface so you can play it like a pitched instrument.

Reviewed By Bonteburg [read all by] on June 14th, 2002
Version reviewed: v1.2 on unspecified OS
Yes, it´s four Tens for this instrument:
One because it has the best and low end to its bass sounds that I´ve so far heard in a VSTI. Check out Bass 04, it´s mamzing.
One because it has an amazing number of presets, none of which are redundant
One because you can tweak the sounds till they´re totally weird, yet interesting...and still don´t sound like any of the presets.
One because at in low qualty mode (which still sounds very nice to me) it is rather easy on my cpu. Very good.
A decent nine because it offers all this and it´s still free. Strange, indeed.
The interface always makes me think of something you can eat, something meaty with cream in it...I wouldn´t want to play with it when I have stomach flu or a hangover, but it stil looks nice.

Anyway: My bass synth of choice from now on.
Cheerio :)

Reviewed By Bonteburg [read all by] on June 12th, 2002
Version reviewed: on unspecified OS
This is undoubtedly the funniest Vsti I ever saw.
And it sounds absolutely greatI´ve heard people in the forum say it sounds "a little thin".
But what is EQing for? And, errmm, does a real singing Llama sound "phatt"?
I don´t like what it does to my RAM when I try to automate the parameters (takes very long to write in the curves), so, guys, I´ll have to mark down on stability, as I wouldn´t dare use it "live" in a track.
But I´ve gotten some really cool results sampling and reloading Delay Llama-sequences.
What with the pudgy, ever grinning monk and the good EEEEAAAAOOOOOMMM-sound, and it being free:
Go get it!
And once my budget looks a bit more rosy-cheeked, I guess I´ll donate as well!