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Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on September 1st, 2023
Version reviewed: 1.0.91 on Windows

I have tested HY Slicer 2 in BETA and actively participated in the development. Unfortunately not all wishes could be considered like e.g. randomization of slices into the grid (similar to Slicer 1) or exporting the creation as audio. The slicing algo is unfortunately not very good, e.g. also one-shots are cut or it is not cut very accurately, nevertheless one can rework by hand. You can edit each individual slice in the grind again after you drop some into the Grid. There are no assignable modulations so far, this must be done externally (Bitwig is highly suitable for this). Due to the quite good control by mididata you can play your presets really complex and dynamic. The pattern can be played as long as the note is long, also there is a pattern stop via MIDI (some more options). The 5 tracks can be completely freely assigned with slices and each step can be changed by the effects matrix. Each track has 11 clocked modulation e.g. Tune, Reverse, Filter per step. Slicer 2 is incredibly flexible, you can change slices dynamically and keep the previous slices. So you can use different slices of the same sample in different patterns. You can play polymeters by the variable step length in the grid, single steps can be muted as well. The 17 built-in step effects are also rhythmically playable via a grid and can be different in each pattern, this allows very complex patterns and presets. Finally you can choose different Playback Speed in every Track in every Pattern.

greetings to Tadashi.


Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on November 14th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.6.0 on Windows

Egoist is my to go Loop Machine on iPad...its very intuitive and i can make very fast, very nice sounds on it.

I spend hours of hours with it. So damn cool Loops from Techno to Acid to Dub and Dubstep works just great.

Slices, Bass and Beat working well together with the Effect Chains.

Its not the same on Desktop with the Mouse for sure.

The sound quality coming out of egoist itself is acceptable. But can not modify it seperatly post FX (need multi out).

There is no general Master-Effect but for Beats and Slicer an Compressor. No Limiter. I Clip mostly ^^,

Whats nice is adding Custom folders on Desktop Version for you own Sounds. Works better if you minimize and maximize the Plugin then it shows the selected sounds from the folder.

Sadly i dont see any upgrades going on...

I rly want see some improvements:

  • FX chain swap.
  • A Modulation Tab - that would improve the whole Thing...
  • Beat Steps for all Sequencers (i was thinking of "how much should this step beat" 1 times or 2 times or more).
  • Multi Output for Desktop Version to improve the Sound of Beat, Bass, Slice and FX separatly.
  • FX per Step not as master FX but per Tab (choosen from the FX Section like Reverb on Beat and Snare but not Bass).


Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on August 26th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.1.1 on Windows.
Last edited by capracan on 26th August 2022.

Hi, i am on Windows 10 on Bitwig 4.

At first i was a bit sceptical about the concept, it looks like a normal Sampler with a Fader and this special feature of seamless velocity ranges. I was wrong.

I am not a pro musician and mostly dont use velocity that much, hit the key getting full sound is mostly what i like when i use my cheap plastic keyboard. But for some sounds like ASMR Winter Tale it works very well (imho).

In fact i like the sounds of soundpaint at all, these ASMR Foley Stuff is pretty good for a Free Collection, i like the morphing, and the (analog imitation) effects are kinda special. But not that awesome u can get with some nice freeware too.

A Phaser in RACKS with only 4 Faders is not that awesome but easy control-able. You can not save Effect Presets in Racks but in the Effects Section. There are also more Effect Parameters in the Effect Section. You can re-arrange the Effects with ease.

That Morphing-Thing is interessting but it sounds like a simple Fader, i imagine an XY Pad would be an pretty good option. But i was so wrong after watching this:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyDrZtoIiXc - What happens when you morph music into an instrument?

So morph is the right word here, it not fades Sounds it morph. I do not know any Instrument that can do this but i just found Morph 2 by zynaptic or Transmutator doing this kinda stuff. This openens another world. And i like that, because i can now add my OWN SAMPLES via the User Sample Editor. OMG.

The Arpeggiator is pretty complex.

Dont Like::

  • I do not like the Zoom Option, there is a huge gap between default and large size.
  • Seetings for the User Interface hopefully get us some more option. Not all Fonts are Sizable.
  • Sometimes i got 50-60% CPU for some ASMR Winter Tale but okay Quality eats CPU.
  • You can not Save a RACK or Effect Collection, if you have a 7 FX Collection, you can not save it.
  • font color "black" on orange turns into "white" when scrolling, that is heavy readable.
  • all parameters are not seen in my DAW so i can not automate it via my DAW Modulators (Bitwig).
  • Mouse scrolling Values does not work everywhere (LFO Automation Window, Filter Types, Arpeggiator).
  • You can not Drag and Drop one Part to another, it also should be switch, if an Part is active there.

Tutorial for Beginner / your first Program:

When u choose ASMR Instruments from the Factory Library which is Free, u have a bunch of Instrumnts inside when you have "Default" or "One Note Same" selected in Sound Mode. You can play the Instrument when choosing "One Note Stretch" in Sound Mode. The Sound Mode is below the Part Number, below the on/off switch.

Now if you go to PART-Tab in the Browser left side, drag and drop ASMR-Instrumets on a Part. Make sure you are in Sound Mode and click on "One Note Stretch"...hit the Keyboard until u found a sound, and click into the space the get rid of the Menue. Now you can play the Instrument.

Add another Part into Part 2, do the same here, play with Morph.

Rename it or give it a Name -> Save Programm in User Library.

Done. So you can build up a little Collection with different Sound Morphs and constellation.


Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on June 11th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by capracan on 11th June 2022.

Well, okay, LOL*.

I am not sure if this project is done or in Progress, but i see potional in this Synth...

it is a nice, little, easy, rough and cool Freeware Synth, there is a "don't know special classic" synthesis happening, with FM, Ringmod and such Algorithms for 2 OSC's with Basic Waveshapes incl. Noise on OSC 1.

The most fun is the randomization .

Selfoscillating Filters are pretty cool but also very simple, just 3 Types (LP, BP, HP). I like the Parameter edit per Mouswheel and double-click for Resets Knobs. The Algorithms (FM, WF (Wavefolder?), Ringmod) is affecting a bit too decent. The Volume-Knob there, is that not (should it not better be) a MIX-Knob into original signal path? Because its irritating this Volume Knob works like a Master Volume also, but why in this Section? The Wave Window is mostly over the Limits.

Interessting, if booth OSC Volume is OFF then Ringmod still works (like Hardware right?). WF Dist seems not work correctly in this previous mentioned case it acts like a switch in the full open position, so iam not sure about it.

But here is List i want to see:

Version/ Build Number in the Plugin.


Show Parameter Values in LFO (Hz and sync).

OSC Phase.

Better Presets Management and Browser.

Save as (selected) and Save as New (always new).

Intesity Fader vor the Wave FRQ Preview.

If an OSC is off, lets us show that it is off (like fade out orange lines if OCS 2 Volume is zero).

Put the FX in one Row.

Allow us FX routing (Reverb before Delay).

More Modulations would be nice.

OSC 1 has NOISE but, we want to modify this Noise (i think we want this, i am not sure).

Separate Master Volume from the Algo-Section.



Thank you 2Rule.

Response from borges from 2Rule on June 13th, 2022

As a plug in developer, I am very glad to hear all these suggestions. I am aware of what is missing from 2RuleSynth. Your suggestions are very helpful and true. I was already thinking about what I could change these days. Dealing with audio algorithm is much easier than dealing with GUI, from my point of view. Layout organization is the most time consuming thing in GUI for me. I will work on your suggestions. Thank you very much.Tuğrul (2Rule).

Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on April 23rd, 2022
Version reviewed: 5 on Windows

Very Creative Multi Effect that spice up all kinds of sounds, works best on rhythmic sounds or to make statics sounds rhythmic. It can be harsh and noisy or working like a Saturator or Compressor. But mostly it destroy sounds.

Additional Firmware unleashed a bunch of creative Effect-Types u cant get from the basic Version. RingMod, Reverbs, Stutter and Glitchy Effects.

You have a Random Function, yes but its a bit hidden and complicated, the community wanted a better solution. The Devs wrote a script then, now u can very simple add a Random Button yourself in front of the Plugin. Now we have one Click Random Button!!! That just awesome. These Devs are definitly cool.

Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on December 22nd, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

A clever and smart Tool i recommend to use, it is pretty easy to use and makes a lot of fun.

You just need to route the MIDI OUT from Instacomp* to your Synths (to 5 of them) MIDI IN and there you go.

Hit "GO" for all Channels or for one of them, alternate each or all Sequences or let the "AI" generate a complete new Soundloop. It's so easy.


  • Instacomp* don't start with my host (Bitwig), that i hate a lot...its a need (or is it an issue?).
  • There is no UNDO/ REDO.
  • The GUI looks a bit terrible, you can't change any color yet.
  • A bit more Color in the chord section inside the editor would make it easier to see, how long the chords are used.
  • The functionality is awesome, you can manipulate a lot (how much the result is chromatic, note population, fill ins...).
  • There are a lot of Presets too, its endless fun.
  • User Experience inside the Editor is acceptable, scrolling non-fluid, u can use shift/strg mouswheel for navigation.

So guys n gurls, its still Version 1.0.1 and i hope we can get an update in the next time...


Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on December 21st, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by capracan on 21st December 2021.

This one is a good one. I have a lot of fun with it.

It needs a little time to find wich knob modulates what (like the LFO)...i realy was trying to modify the Theme then, .

but thats maybe a fun for later. Straight forward Design, Clean sound, that Chord Thing holy Cow is awesome.

I realy like the possibillity to modify what happens when u release the key...thats so cool. But i think its a basic Synthesizer thing right? Anyways...

And you have a two-click random Option thats very nice. Random is key.

What I want to see:

  • a little bit more clever options in the FX Section (like on Reverb: Predelay, Feedback, Decay or other Reverb Types like Shimmer, Mono Delay, Pitch Delay).
  • More Filter Types: Notch and all that stuff.
  • The LFO should be complete OFF on "0" he is not off.
  • One-click random.
  • Mousewheel Edit.
  • More Modwheel and Pitchbend Connections to OSC Mix, Filter Wet/Dry...
  • One or Two Modulation Sources (connect to everything).
  • Visual Feedback that a Preset was changed (mostly marked with * on Preset Name).
  • Better Presets Organisation (actuall all is in one Folder that make issues with external User Banks import/ export).

All at One - Another Awesome Free Plugin i highly recommend. And i hope for some further Versions or another better Synth by "Phuturetone"

Thank you Sir .

Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on June 13th, 2021
Version reviewed: 3.3.1 on Windows.
Last edited by capracan on 13th June 2021.

On star missing.

Because okay...i love Microtonic but it can be more...better:

  • no polyrhthm.
  • hidden random switches.
  • too less per Step editing (volume, pan, pitch).
  • to less sound editing on the Oscillators (FM, PWM...).

A bit more...we always want more...


Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on February 19th, 2021
Version reviewed: 2.1.2 on Windows

Its one of the best Multi FX on market...but i still missing the Reverb FX Slot;).

So please add a Reverb Effect.


Reviewed By NWSM [read all by] on September 28th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

This one, oh dude, is a very interesting kind of a Reverb. Room colored tweaking, very flexible reverb, self resonance can be a lot of fun for sure. Okay, it seems look like another Reverb today and yes there is not yet ignited potential in it (like the most plugins), to be a independent reverb plugin, but i know...there is some one cooking a good soup. Cant wait for the next step. Have my eyes on it. The Soda Coder i a very nice person also.

Best wishes. Keep on Coding.