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Reviewed By darkstar30233 [read all by] on June 4th, 2010
Version reviewed: 3,3 on Windows
That was one of my first plugins, as an Hammond afficionados, looking for real Tone wheel sounds.
Just installed the unregistred version for windows (xp - 2gb ram dual core and motu)
The sound is very "sampled" like, and may results very static like old samplers, but with some EQ and some effects you can "alias" a bit the sound, the routines should be more pro, and get some better features (I also tried to change frequency rate, but still sounding a bit dull)
But still Some very rock preset and some blues some various sounds, had some freeze with this ,so it's not very stable for live gigs.
Good points are some emulation of italian transistor if you like the sound of cheesy machines from that gold era
Percussions sounds are good and the rotor make some noise, (maybe too much!) The vibrato scanner effect is good and realistic!

I like shareware products, but I l prefer professional products such as native B4, still the best, but Vb3 is not bad, the most interesting thing is price if you're on budget.