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Reviewed By carrieres [read all by] on June 15th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.3 on Windows
the preorder 2.4 offer makes me want to try this synth, i knew that this vst is a nord lead emulation, supporting the sysex import of patch from nord lead and a massive collection of 2500 preset.
i was not very impressed by a VA synth with only 2 osc but when i tried this synth i was very suprised by the quality of the sound very warm and deep, usefull for any bass sound.
the two facts that makes me bought the discovery is the layering feature, it is the possibility to layer 4 patch so it gives you a massive sound produced by 8 osc !!!
this is not a little synth as the two osc feature lets you believe !
the second very cool feature is the morph possibility, it allows you to morph between two layers, i think it's the only synth with this feature, very great to produced evolving sound.
the only drawback is the fact that it eats a lot of cpu but it should be considered normal when you use three or four layers.
furthemore this problem should be resolved with the release of 2.4
it's a synth which deserves to be known and i hope that this review will help.
Reviewed By carrieres [read all by] on December 9th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows.
Last edited by carrieres on 10th December 2004.
it is a long time that i want to write a review and i encouraged other customer to do one, but i didn't take the time.
and begins the polemic about SE synth and review.
i was agree with some critics but whatever you think, this synth need to be PLAYED on a keyboard and you will understand why there is such a big buzz or maybe you will not believe what you heard, how a small SE synth can be so good and so cheap ?
this synth prouve that with two litle synth, ( 1 DCO and a soundfont player), one chorus and a delay you can have a LOT of fun.
i have to correct something, when i said play on a keyboard, it does NOT mean that you need to be master with 7 years of practice, it's the contrary with one finger you are blown in the deep space of sound.
with the 1.1 version the interface has been shrinked to a very reasonnable size.
another great update is the selectable soundfont, you can load your own soundfont carefully crafted in your bigger and very expensive synth !!!
i just want to try this, it's look like a dream
i give a bad rating on stability issue just because SE synth and Orion are not very friendly.
One crash was when i was looking for the automation of the warp module and i swaped between automation type vst parameter and midi CC while running.
i want to add that i played this synth only with orion platinum 5.8 (the only hosts i use) and that M42 nebula is my first vsti purchase (i immediately fall in love)
i will repeat, just try it with your keyboard even your computer keyboard !!!
Reviewed By carrieres [read all by] on May 31st, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.21 on Windows
This modular vsti comes with 38 modules :
4 samplers, 26 synths and 8 performance modules (sequencer, flam, roll...)
i just want to "update" some olders reviews that i just read and are now wrong :
There is 328 kits for 2.87 Go, 6 do more than 30Mo, 12 more than 50 Mo and 6 more than 100 Mo.
So there is a lot of excellent kit, some multisampled.
some kits are provided by Gmedia, Wizoo, Redshift and Yellow.
There is 26 synths, some with ring modulation or FM
some modules are written by top developer : MDA and SmartElectronix
And finaly you can buy it for the price of a sample cd
The DR-008 is the central vsti of my virtual studio.
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