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Reviewed By bjporter [read all by] on April 25th, 2011
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows.
Last edited by bjporter on 25th April 2011.
Crylogic 1.1:

Factory Samples / Presets:
Pretty genius I have to say. If I only spent 5 minutes with Cryologic I would think they are merely 80’s sounds, and not useful. But it is MUCH more than this. The sounds are very fresh, and while it does have 80’s color, and vibe, the sounds are more than perfect for today’s club rockers, or atmosphere to fill up a cinematic orchestral score. If I was to sum up the presets in one word, I would say dreamy. If you don't like dreamy sounds, it may not appeal as much.

It comes with over 100 presets, and each preset can layer up to 3 .sfz file. The factory bank has about 80 .sfz files to choose from, and while most are electronic sounding, there are some acoustic ones, like piano, organ. There is a filter, and amp ADSR, as one would expect, but it also has a X/Y controller, Arpeggiator/gate, Basic Ring Modulation & Vibrato , Filter ADSR, Reverb and Delay! The reverb and Delay are very CPU light.
One cool thing about the layering is that you can pan, octave shift, and level the sound, which adds so much more depth.
A few presets really made me extra joyous and giddy: 1) The ‘Percussive Organ’ was very warm, and snappy. 2) ‘Fog in my head’ was really creepy, and had much depth. 3) ‘Waves’ was a beautiful panoramic & scenic pad. 4) ‘Modern Lead’ is great for a CPU light Supersaw, to subtly thicken a lead or breakdown melody/pad.
And many more good ones!

Performance & Stability:
It has great performance sans two issues: SE Multi-processor bug and only 32bit VST is available. This makes it a bit more difficult.
Because of the lack of 64bit support, the stability is a huge problem for serious projects, and Jbridge may be an option.

The sound engine works great, and I never heard anything strange.

User Interface & Features:
Well laid out, but missing knobs for the Ring Modulation, and Vibrato was unfortunate (however you can control them via CC), but that would be an great addition to the next version! Also, 8 polyphony was limiting.

Customer Support:
The author of this product was very cordial, helpful, and fast.
Reviewed By bjporter [read all by] on April 25th, 2011
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows
TAL-Reverb III:

Performance & Stability
It works very well on the CPU, and memory usage. I have used several dozen on a project, and it doesn’t seem to have any noticeable latency on a higher end system. It is very, very stable, and has never crashed on me (64bit VST version), since the developer is awesome, and makes binaries in 32 & 64bit.

It is absolutely stunning - I have used many types of reverb, and have not yet found one this diffuse.
One word that really comes to mind is heavenly. It really works well in the electronic genres, when you need to make a sound massive. Put this reverb on any old plinky dinky saw wave sound, move up the wetness, stereo, and room size parameters… and watch it soar like a raging griffin! Every time I hear it I almost go into a catharsis.
Not only does the stereo width sound brilliant, and full, the brightness of the reverb is excellent. It doesn’t seem to replicate the brightness of your sound, but adds to it.
This means that if you are trying to model realistic auditorium sounds, a bathroom sound (in movie effects for example), or acoustic drums, it may not work for you (TAL Reverb 1/2 being a better candidate).

User Interface
Perfect. Everything is up front, symmetrical, easy on the eyes, and intuitive. It contains seven knobs of wonder, and delight. Amusingly it reminds me a bit of a Nintendo video game, because of the font used – which is a refreshing change from other photo realistic contenders.

Excellent, it has all the features one would expect for this kind of sound.

Customer Support
The developer is very friendly (also very passionate about his work) and responds cordially to all emails, and fast.