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Reviewed By wasi [all]
February 26th, 2023
Version reviewed: Latest on Windows

reViSiT was a promising project in that there is a gap in the tracker market with regards to MIDI control. reViSiT is kind of Redux for midi, but sadly, development appears to have stopped a few years ago and it's still a bit clunky to use. The current version is still available on the website and does work fine though. In all seriousness however I don't see why you would not just use Renoise (unless, like me, you just have a thing for trackers of any kind).

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Rhino - Massive Guitar Plugin

Reviewed By wasi [all]
December 20th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows

This is a truly unique guitar amp plugin. It doesn't try to simulate 'guitar amp X' but rather gives you all the elements that make up an amp chain (input, preamps, EQ, IRs and effects) and lets you play with them on a single canvas. You're approaching your guitar tone as a sound designer rather than a guitar player, which yields some very different results. Plus literally everything is right there on one page. You can even cascade and blend several preamps and there's a (hidden) sub-octave feature if you drag the Rhino logo in the center.

Then for all the playfulness, it has some really deep pro features like tone matching and a smooth quad-IR morpher. Even the noise gate has deep settings that let you get some awesome glitchy torn notes.

Rhino really strikes me as possibly the most creative take on using amp simulation in a more 'out of the box' way. You end up sounding like nothing else because you approach it like nothing else. This is a must-have if you're into modern guitar sounds or just a tone explorer.

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