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MuLab [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Ambient Mechanics [read all by] on 20th September 2018
Version reviewed: 7.7.4 on Windows.
Last edited by Ambient Mechanics on 20th September 2018.
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I've tried many DAWs over the years, but MuLab is by far my favorite and the only one I now use. I love the intuitive design of its UI, which means it doesn't get in the way of me being creative..and its powerful tools enables me to be just that.

The thing I really love most about it is its ability to record music like any other DAW, as well as giving you the option of taking a modular approach to creating music, with it's built-in tools and included sounds and presets. From a user's point of view, it's like owning two great DAWs seamlessly merged into one..and combining and/or switching between both interfaces (the standard DAW interface and the Modular interface) during a project is as simple as clicking a button. This makes it a great "first" DAW for people just starting out in music / beat production, as well as a really powerful tool for any seasoned Pro.

The detailed help documents found on the MuTools site covers every aspect of the program and does a really good job of explaining and walking you through the program's features. I found it to be a well-written guide, that serves to get you up and running with MuLab right from the very start. There's also really good, solid support offered through the official MuTools forum here on KVR, which clearly shows how fast help is given and issues addressed in general..

All DAWs do the same basic job..but the best DAW for YOU is the one that compliments / enhances YOUR workflow in general. MuLab seems to take this into account, perhaps more than any other DAW, with the options it gives you and the powerful creative set of tools it puts in your hands..but, unlike other DAWS out there, it doesn't leave you feeling "over-whelmed" by the whole experience..

In short, MuLab sounds great, looks fantastic and is a real joy to use..plus it's great value for money, which is always a good thing, too! Thanks MuTools, for creating this gem and keeping its development moving forward all the time. MuLab is my "go-to" DAW and I'm going to be using it for many years to come.

Klüsterjunkk [read all reviews]
Reviewed By Ambient Mechanics [read all by] on 5th August 2017
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows
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KLÜSTERJUNKK is a collection of eleven different instruments rolled into one Kontakt instrument library, with deceptively more under the hood than you might first expect. All of the eleven instruments are listed on the PORNOFONIC website, as well as here on KVR, with a clear explanations on each, detailing how they were made and offering general usage suggestions, so I'm going to skip that and just focus on what this thing does.

In short, this is a collection of 11 percussion instruments that requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2, in order to run. The UI is clean and simple to use. Each of its five panels lets you affect the sound you hear in different ways and each is pretty much self-explanatory...but it's when you start turning those dials that the depth of this thing really hits you.

To be honest, when I first saw this I thought it was another "one trick pony"..a collection of sounds you can use with your usual ASDR thrown in for good measure..but that's not the case at all. KLÜSTERJUNKK comes with 120 custom impulse responses that gives your sound, as is stated on the site..

"..added dimension: deep, thumping club ambiences, digital glitches, film, vinyl, and digital static, analog echoes and delay/special effects, stereo images, microphone effects, and gorgeous multi-tap delays at 60/70/80/90bpm."

When you couple this with the solid built-in reverb unit that comes with it..as well as the Delay, you start to get some real sense of what this thing can do. Within 5 minutes of firing it up and just messing with the dials, I was able to get something that sounded remarkably like those big, industrial sounding drums Jean Michel Jarre used on his 1988 "Revolutions" album..and from what I've seen so far, you don't need to be an experienced sound designer to get this thing to really work some sonic magic.

The sound quality is excellent and can easily be used "as is" in a project, without much additional post-editing. One thing I really liked was the "Humanize" feature that, as it says on the site..

"..adds life by randomizing velocity and adjusting quantization relative to tempo."..ie: more at slower tempos, less at faster tempos.

Also, to anyone who does buy this, make sure to check out the "snapshots"..they're a powerful feature you shouldn't overlook, as they can really transform a single sound into a pulsing rhythm in its own right.

1,608 individual stereo percussion samples
Lossless compressed 24-bit/48kHz files
11 Kontakt patches
Up to 33 individual articulations per patch
6 round-robin layers
88 instrument snapshots
120 custom convolution impulse responses
Fast loading and low CPU load
Klüsterjunkk requires the full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher (these instruments cannot be loaded in the free Kontakt Player)


120 custom convolution impulse responses:
Multi-tap delays (6): Delay IRs at 60/70/80/90bpm
Multi-tap FX delays (6): Special delay IRs at 60/70/80/90bpm
Multi-tap reversed delays (6): Reversed reverb/delay IRs at 60/70/80/90bpm
Club FX (9): Boosting frequencies and adding color
Glitch FX (6): Boosting frequencies and widening the stereo image
Analog echoes (6): Vintage echo effects
Static FX (6): Smudge and blur frequencies
Special FX (6): Various sound transformations
Stereo Images (9): IRs that widen, raise, and thicken the sound
Mic FX (6): Adding color

In short, this is a sneaky little gem that should find a home in everyone's musical toolbox, able to give you rhythmic sounds and elements that could have come from the score of The Dark Knight or been plucked right off of a Trent Reznor / NIN album..and that's no over-exaggeration either..trust me.

(Note: The developer has since communicated there will be a free sample pack of this instrument featured on www.audiopluginguy.com later this month 9August 2017)..so interested parties should make a note of this.)

Price: $27.30 (intro price), which gives you a 30% discount, which is good through 8/14 (..a the time of writing this)
Link: http://www.pornofonic.com/
Format: NI Kontakt (full version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher required)

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