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 Nils K1v by Nils Schneider is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for Windows and Linux. It functions as a VST Plugin.
Nils' K1v Source Edit Mode
Nils' K1v Play Mode Nils' K1v Common Edit Mode
Product Nils K1v
Developer Nils Schneider
Price (MSRP)
Type / Tags Rompler1988Digital SynthKawaiSynthSynth (Sample Based)
Plug-in, App & Soundware Format(s)
Operating System Availability
Download Released
Downloads Released
System Requirements
VST2 compatible host software, 32-bits & 64-bits supported
Downloads Released
System Requirements
- x86 based processor, both 32-bits or 64-bits builds available
- .deb or .rpm packages support
- DAW that supports lxvst plugins
Supported Sample Formats (loads or saves) include
MID, MIDI, SysEx, SYX, syxEx
Audio Demos
Miscellaneous Information
Copy ProtectionNone

Nils' K1v is a classic rompler that emulates a famous japanese classic from 1988.


  • Very accurate emulation of all parameters.
  • Includes 768 presets with search capability, the original factory bank + all ROM cards.
  • Full editing support.
  • Can import & export SysEx presets & banks from/to the original device.

  • Transmits & receives parameter changes via SysEx to act as an editor for the hardware or to be edited via external editors.

  • 32-bit and 64-bit support.
  • Resizeable User Interface.
  • Full automation support.
  • All 768 presets can be edited and are stored as part of a project.

Furthermore, the plugin features a fully fledged MIDI implementation:

  • Understands SysEx messages like the original hardware which allows to update presets while running and even sends responses to the following SysEx requests: One block data request, All block data request & Device ID request.
  • Program Changes are supported including Bank Select.
  • Hold Pedal, Volume, Pan, Velocity, Aftertouch, Modulation Wheel & Pitch Bend.

Synthesizer Engine:

  • 8-bit synthesis engine.

  • Four sources per voice:

    • 256 waveforms, 204 additive waveforms with 128 harmonics + 52 PCM wave forms.

    • DADSR envelope.

    • 8 velocity curves.

    • Coarse & Fine tune, adjustable key tracking, lots of modulation options.

  • AM (Ring Modulation) between Source 1&2 and 3&4.
  • Autobend.
  • 5 Key Scaling Curves.
  • One LFO with triangle, square, saw & random shape support.
  • Joystick for real-time control.

Latest Changes


  • [Fix] Joystick behaviour was incorrect after opening editor and never resizing it.
  • [Imp] Nils' K1v is now available for Linux as VSTi plugin. Available are debian & rpm packages for i686 and x86_64 architectures The packages install the VSTi to /usr/local/lib/lxvst/.


  • [Fix] Omnibus loop waveforms now always start from beginning when a note is pressed.
  • [Fix] Redraw issue caused multiple Source buttons to stay in highlighted state.
  • [Fix] Source parameters were not updated when switching AM mode to/from REV.


  • [Accuracy] PCM waveforms cannot play a lower frequency than 25.6Hz and are pitched up one octave when a note that is too low is triggered.
  • [Accuracy] Fix Single Cycle Waves with notes below C-2 were clamped and played as C-2 although hardware can go down to C-4 if keytrack is off.
  • [Note] The two change above fix some Singles being incorrect when compared to the hardware, for example iA-8 GongOfKngs.


  • [IMP] Window size is now preserved by storing it as part of the plugins data chunk.
  • [FIX] Audio pops/clicks when a voice begins, even more present if decay time was greater than zero.


  • [FIX] Fix very large UI on hosts like Orion because Orion claims to support resizing but then fails when being asked to resize.


  • [FIX] Fix possible crash when changing patch by program change while UI is closed.
  • [CHG] Shrink default UI size to 1024×576 to give smaller screens a chance to reach the resize handle.


  • [Accuracy] LFO behaviour didn't completely match hardware behaviour, especially for higher speed values.
  • [IMP] Window size is remembered when the plugin editor is closed and reopened.
  • [FIX] In Solo mode, audio clicks were audible when playing a note while another one was still playing.
  • [FIX] Audio processing could lead to clicks/pops in some hosts. I personally didn't experience this so feedback & if possible a recording of the issue would help. Thanks.


  • [IMP] SysEx Parameter Changes are now fully supported
    • They are sent, which allows the plugin to edit a real hardware in realtime.
    • They are recognized, which allows the plugin to be edited via external/existing editors.
  • [FIX] UI crashed on second opening after using the Source Mix Joystick.
  • [FIX] Reaper specific: Keyboard Shortcuts 1,2,3,4, E and C intercepted entering text to input fields (search box in Play Mode, preset name in Edit Mode).
  • [FIX] In Solo Mode, releasing a note always stopped all voices if the note being released was not the one being audible.
  • [FIX] MIDI control changes Hold Pedal & All Notes Off didn't work.
  • [FIX] UI did not update if the current preset was changed via MIDI Program Change.


  • [IMP] Added ability to import SysEx from .mid files.
  • [FIX] Do not fail import if a .syx or .mid files contains K1v presets + other sysex data that has no K1v relation.
  • [FIX] SysEx received via MIDI always overwrote first 32 singles. It will now correctly overwrite either 1-32 or 32-64, 65-96 (ROM Card 1-32) or 97-128 (ROM Card 33-64) depending on the SysEx dump.


  • Initial release.
Latest User Reviews Average user rating of 4.88 from 8 reviews

Reviewed By frits.fischer
July 26, 2020

I can't believe it !!!!! I've owned a desktop version which I had bought in the late eighties/early nineties..

Just a few months ago I've sold it and regretted it instantly.. Now it's back.. For good...

I say it's back because it is a brilliant replica and I know what I'm talking about... I've had it for 30 or so years and know it inside out...

Thank you Nils .

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Reviewed By proconsul
July 13, 2020

Hi, .

this emulation is great, I love it! Thank you very much.

I spotted one problem with version 1.0.8 though: Omnibus Loop Samples seem not to be retriggered when playing new notes. Instead they seem to be looped internally for ever, though they are not audible. So when playing instruments with these samples they start somewhere in the middle of the sample, depending on the current position of the internal sample pointer. I am not sure if this is also true for the other looped samples as well.

You can hear that when playing the instrument 'SlaveLabor' (A1-01/EA8).;).

Edit: This is fixed in version 1.0.9.

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Reviewed By groumpf
July 13, 2020

Hi, .

I had a K1 in the past and I think this one is much less noisy than the hardware.

It's a very accurate recreation and I retrieve all the sounds I used with great pleasure.

Thank you.

Remark : I have a little bug I think when I clic on Edit on iA1-Voice preset, I get a green button on source 2 and when I clic on source 1 the source 2 stays green so both sources are green.

This is on Windows 10 / Reaper 6.

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Reviewed By SumnSumnSumn
July 11, 2020

I was impressed with this plugin. I did a review on it. You can find it here. https://youtu.be/utdAsVkf_q8.

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Reviewed By Ambient Mechanics
July 7, 2020

Wow, this really is a blast from the past! I've just spent the last two hours playing with this and they were two of the fastest hours I've experienced in a long time. This really is an outstanding offering, one I think will really stand the test of time and build up and army of followers/users for a long time to come.

The sounds /presets are amazingly accurate and clear, while the UI is intuitive and easy to use. The interface looks a little dated, but I guess it could hardly be anything else when you remember what it is we're dealing with here. Still, it would be a nice touch to have skins for this at some future point, as well as an FX page under the Mode section. tucked away out of sight, so as not to take from the vintage look that greats you when you load up this little gem.

Still, even as it is, it's a great realization of a real classic and kudos is well and truly deserved for all the time and effort that went into producing this. Thanks Nils..very much appreciated.

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Discussion: Active
Doc Brown
Doc Brown
3 July 2020 at 1:23am

Fantastic job Nils.

You really captured the gritty nature of the k1. I own the k3m but I have been looking at k1 rack versions though I may not have to now because of this gem. Good on you and your talents.

3 July 2020 at 11:18am

1.0.1, with some presets emit strange background sound, hope fixed...

Nils Schneider
Nils Schneider
3 July 2020 at 1:20pm

Could you send me a recording of that background noise? At what sampling rate do you use it in your host?

3 July 2020 at 3:35pm

REAPER and FL Studio 9 (all 32-bit) under Windows 7, 64-bit.

It's like a "tick tock" sound that affect the sound, not in first sight but it's audible.

Tried now with version 1.0.2, same problem.

I don't know how send a file here but by the way sorry, hope you'll resolve or probably it's a simulation of the cheap onboard converters of the original hardware? i can't recognize.

3 July 2020 at 11:59pm

Are like little glitches or peaks but very fastidious...

Nils Schneider
Nils Schneider
8 July 2020 at 9:33pm

Hi, the clicks are fixed since v1.07. Thanks for reporting.

4 July 2020 at 6:36am

What a great project. Like a time machine transporting my ears instantly back to the period, thank you.

5 July 2020 at 5:24pm

What's the name of that Wavestation-like patch that loops a couple of strings & aaahhh PCM samples? The preset that was famously used by LFO on their seminal self-titled techno hit "LFO". Would grab this one just to be able to play with that preset. A friend of mine got this as his first synth back in 89.

6 July 2020 at 10:19am

On the Nils K1v the preset is 'iC8 Arrangement' I found it by resetting to the factory settings............... LFO your heart out :)

5 July 2020 at 6:56pm

Great project, great sound. Kudos!!.

5 July 2020 at 11:35pm

How do I install it in Cubase 10 Pro, I have placed K1v_x64.dll in various VST plugins folders and each time run Cubase and plugin manager but it seems to be invisible to them, I have even placed in the same folder as my Sylenth1 and no go. Any assistance would be appreciated.

5 July 2020 at 11:45pm

How do I install it in Cubase 10 Pro, I have placed K1v_x64.dll in various VST plugins folders and each time run Cubase and plugin manager but it seems to be invisible to them, I have even placed in the same folder as my Sylenth1 and no go. Any assistance would be appreciated. That is for 64-bit version.

OK, so when I installed the 32-bit version and Jbridged it, it shows up.

6 July 2020 at 5:50pm

Just grabbed this. My studio rebuild is not for another few weeks but will try this out then! I still have my K1-r but this just looked too cool to pass up and realtime JOYSTICK control ala Vector movement? Yes please.

8 July 2020 at 9:15am

1.0.6 - a very loud short clicks when playing in Renoise 3.1 in some presets. They aren't in Renoise 3.2.1. Empirically, I was found that the problem in the delay of the envelope. As soon as you remove the delay, a clicks disappear immediately.

Also, occasionally K1v misses some notes (in all Renoise versions, not only in 3.1), but I did not find any regularity. But this happens VERY rarely, so I have no special problems with this.

Nils Schneider
Nils Schneider
8 July 2020 at 9:27pm

Hi, the clicks are fixed since v1.07. Thanks for reporting.

8 July 2020 at 5:03pm

Version 1.0.4. Thank you SO much for this wonderful VST. I have a very old K1m with a lot of custom patches, and was able to transfer all of them in via sysex without any issues. Also very happy to report that it works in Linux using the Carla Windows bridges. The only issue when running (in Linux) is that none of text displays on the various buttons, or in the middle screen where the available patches are shown. I am assuming this is simply a WINE font issue? Does anyone know what font may be missing?

Nils Schneider
Nils Schneider
8 July 2020 at 9:26pm

Hi, the used font is Arial bold to be as compatible as possible. Didn't have Linux in mind but if it helps :).

9 July 2020 at 6:15pm

OMG! I regret selling K1R and finally something that sounds pretty damn good!! Looking forward to seeing this develop.

11 July 2020 at 8:20pm

I was impressed with this plugin. I did a review on it. You can find it here. https://youtu.be/utdAsVkf_q8.

12 July 2020 at 5:21am

Good morning is there a Linux version coming soon.



Sergay Milles
Sergay Milles
5 August 2020 at 10:31am

Great plugin! ...But my Linux export doesn't work. And another small problem - the waveform selection menu has too small a font.

11 August 2020 at 2:16pm

Hi, this looks great! Is the MacOS version still scheduled?


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Nils K1v

Average user rating of 4.88 from 8 reviews

Nils Schneider
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