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Reviewed By mr-es335 [read all by] on October 22nd, 2017
Version reviewed: 5.6 on Windows

Hello, .

I own both SAWStudio and Software Audio Console and both applications are "second-to-none".

Pricing has been reduced significantly on SAWStudio. Check out the Web site: RML Studios

PS: Though some consider it significant, I am really not at all concerned with the apps being 32-bit. If you truly understand how great the quality is of SAWStudio's internal processing - then the type of app is really of no concern.

Mr. Lentini, the developer, does have a very specific manner in which he works with his applications. But once you get a feel for his methodology - in the end, this methodology really does make sense.

Checkout the demos for yourself. Also, check out the Demonstration Videos

Reviewed By mr-es335 [read all by] on March 2nd, 2017
Version reviewed: 3.3 on Windows

1. The sounds are truly incredible.
2. It is very easy to use.
3. Provides you with an incredible amount of bank and preset storage.
4. Though bank and preset management is different from that of TH2, the way in which TH3 manages both banks and presets, along with the importing and exporting of banks is still very, very good.
5. Is great for creating and then saving banks and presets "on-the-fly".
6. Is particularly useful when creating variations on a particular preset - and is especially using for "A/B'ing" them.
7. The use of the [Enter] key when loading presets.
8. Can do pretty much anything - and often more, than other similar software.
9. Uses a very non-invasive licensing scheme.

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