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Reviewed By obstgegenrechz [read all by] on 12th March 2013
Version reviewed: 2.1 on Windows.
Last edited by obstgegenrechz on 12th March 2013.
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After using this Plugin for years on every master i did, i might as well share a bit of my oppinion towards it:

This Compressor is on the clean side so if you were looking for more color for your sounds, i suggest you look somewhere else. And that is exactly why i love ReaXComp so much. It's the same with Cockos singleband compressor ReaComp: It's very clean and exactly working and can do everything you would want it to do.

In ReaXcomp you can even do ratios going direction "expander" which i think is an amazing detail.

It uses very little CPU over here and my system is really slow. I guess thats because its not emulating anything but is only calculating the volume changes.

There is all features i would want in there like: feedback detection, auto-release, freely definable bands, changeable Kneesize,.

Finally i can't see a better free Multiband Compressor out there, even if i had money i wouldn't consider buying one when there is such a good one like this.

Funny to see that noone else has ever "reviewed" this one, i hope i'm just a starter for more (and better) reviews :) I guess quite some people consider this a "secret" weapon, but i can easily imagine more people falling in love with this one...

Oh and i LOVE the input-output meters!!! well so i do in reaper in general :).

I could understand that some people addicted to using fancy GUIs are scared away by the looks of this one but thats their own problem i guess...

Reviewed By obstgegenrechz [read all by] on 31st May 2012
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows
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You need to feed InstantSampler with Audio so it can actually sample something. Once it receives a note for the first time it records the input and the next times it receives this note it plays back what was recorded in the first place. So feed it for example a drum loop and quickly slice it onto some keys and play with the sounds you got. Or feed it some vocals to replace & mashup words or whatnot.

What i Love is that you can use the pitch-wheel while doing all this to pitch the sounds up and down. Instant-Sampler turns any audio source into an Instrument, at least thats how i use it. Often i use it to just add more chaos to drums that sound a bit boring and never-changing. So i improvise a bit and add the resulting drumsounds and leave the original sounds existent. Soundwise Instant-Sampler sounds perfect to me as all it does is reproducing sound and to pitch it up and down. I didn't really use the loop-modulation mode yet but i will soon now that i got reminded about that. The UI is very simple and self-explaining. Presets are not needed.
Hope you enjoy this great powerful small plugin as much I do.

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