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Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on March 31st, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Windows.
Last edited by BlackWinny on 31st March 2018.

Absolutely wonderful effect tool. A very original way to enrich a composition.

Loaded as effect in Mulab 7 64-bit, I played around for an hour with it simply with some notes from a common synth (I used Lord Of The Spring) and also with NuSofting Noisetar, and it gave me inspiration for some future works.

With a bit of imagination there are lots of thing to do with this very original FX tool.

It is very easy to use, comes with a wide enough palette of tweaks, and I have encountered no issue.

Very nice ! And free.

It is compiled in native 64-bit as well as 32-bit.

The developer invite you to support and encourage him by a donation, but it is not mandatory. Yet I did it, because it is actually a very original idea and perfectly materialized.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on March 12th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

Incredible! By far the very best vintage echo unit plugin. It is the perfect emulation of the legendary Roland RE-201. I know only one other vintage echo unit emulated with the same quality, the Binson Echorec 7TE emulated by the Audiority's Echoes T7E plugin.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on March 12th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

Do you remember the astounding David Gilmour's guitar echoes in the very long track of the same name in the album "Meddle"? It was THIS echo unit! The Binson Echorec 7TE. It was also the echo unit used on all his albums by T-Rex.

And this emulation made by Audiority is wonderful. It runs in the same league as Nomad Factory's 80s Space which emulates the famous Roland RE-201 echo unit. Both are probably the most accurate emulations of these two legendary vintage echo units.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on January 24th, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.75 on Windows.
Last edited by BlackWinny on 24th January 2017.

The review from EnergyCrush just below is totally unfair as it doesn't reflect at all the reality. If the user doesn't know how to make it work it is not the fault of the product... it is a total misunderstanding from the user himself on how to use it (something which is although extremely simple).

JBridge works perfect, I use it since years and years, and I have never encountered any issue with it. There is absolutely no need to run it as administrator (when someone is constraint to run a musical plugin or a DAW as administrator it is because he has placed it in a folder protected by Windows [since Windows 7 several trees are considered as so important for the security of the system that Microsoft decided to protect them by default so that they should be altered only by installers, and it is also the reason why there is a tree named C:ProgramData to place daten used by the programs in another place than the programs themselves] or because he has not installed it exactly as it was intended to be). Since Windows 7 the best way to run musical plugins (and many programs in general) is to not install them in the tree "C:Program files" nor in the tree "C:Program files (x86)" but to install them elsewhere (where you want as long as it is not at least in these two folders). The best place is in your "Documents" tree or by creating a special tree for your needs. If the installers continue today to propose the tree "C:Program files" or the tree "C:Program files (x86)" by default it is for compatibility with the previous versions of the system (up to XP)... and these installers never forbid someone to change the installation folder/tree suggested by default. All my software stuff for music is installed in a dedicated tree named "C:EM" ("EM stands for Electronic music") and all my software stuff for sciences (a dozen of big applications) is installed in a dedicated tree named 'C:Sciences"' and the same for my dozen of programs of imagery (Paint Shop Pro, Corel Video Studio, etc.).

JBridge works absolutely perfect, it doesn't require anything when you launch it in the purpose to add new 32-bit plugins and it doesn't require anything either to do the job in a totally transparent way when using it in your 64-bit DAW to compose, play, or whatever you want. You don't even remind that it exists and is running in background.

It doesn't require any attention, it doesn't add any latency, it doesn't add any substantial need of CPU, it requires such a small amount of memory (a few Kb, that's all) that it is totally forgotten by the musician even for the use of many simultaneous instances of musical plugins in his work.

And it is not for nothing that it summarizes more than 50 favorites on the KVR community as everyone can clearly see here at the top of the rightmost column of the present page.

This tool is a benediction to run any 32-bit plugin in a 64-bit DAW and with any number of instances you want and without any special authorization... the 64-bit DAW doesn't even know that the plugin you run on it is a 32-bit plugin .

A top notch tool for all the amateurs of instruments and effects developed with Synthedit or Synthmaker/Flowstone.

My note is without any appeal : 10 / 10.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on January 1st, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0.2 on Windows

Oh My God ! At last a true original synth ! A fabulous instrument to imagine a totally new genre of music.

The last demo "Lordofthesprings Demo02", much more of a Theremine, makes me think of the Vietnamese Dan Bau as you can hear it played by the famous virtuoso Pham Duc Thanh here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1LkoG449Yc

or here in a rock style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAhUMkpY9_8

But the possibilities of Lord of the Springs go way beyond and let a huge freedom to create a totally new genre of music. Being a Franco-Chinese musician always looking for new paths mixing Asian music and occidental "new age" music with totally original modern sounds inspired by ethnic traditions (bowed strings, plucked strings, winds, bowls, mallets...) throughout the world, this new synth is now definitively one of y favorites. The only other one which is really excellent for that kind of totally new sounds inspired by acoustic instruments being for the moment Modelonia from NuSofting.

Lord of the Springs... Wonderful ! Definitively one of my favorites.

The GUI could be corrected to stay more "tranquil" and not disturbing the mind, but musically I give this instrument a rate of 10/10.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on December 27th, 2016
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

Version 1.0.1 works perfectly on my computer. Nice sounds and many possible tweaks for cool ambient guitar as well as for metal rock...

My set-up: Windows 10 64-bit ; Reaper 5 and Mulab 7.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on June 3rd, 2014
Version reviewed: 3.02 on Windows.
Last edited by BlackWinny on 3rd June 2014.

Excellent! One of the best free drum kits I've heard.

Superbe sound.

Totally subtractive synthesis (it doesn't use any sample).

All what you could need to tweak each element of the kit. Knobs, harmonic modifiers (and graphically!), management of the characteristics of the noise oscillators, etc.

Multi-Segment-Graphical-Envelopes (MSGE) for each element of the kit with many options for each envelope.

A stereo output for each element of the kit.

A section of effects.

It can to be used to emulate a true drum kit as well as a drum-machine.

It NEVER crashes.

It is not at all real "donationware" since there are absolutely not any limitation. It is in fact totally freeware! The donation is just suggested but not imposed by any limitation.

And there are extra patches available here at the Download tab above (direct link here) but also still other patches at Patcharena here.


And for those who would be allergic to SynthEdit, it is good to know that there is now a new version (version 4) which is no longer made with SynthEdit, which uses ses a mix of subtractive, FM and wavetable synthesis, which provides still much more different sounds... which works on Windows 64-bit native and on OS X! But that version 4 is not free, its price is €30. A bargain.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on May 31st, 2014
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Windows.
Last edited by BlackWinny on 31st May 2014.

I get very nice flute sounds with it by tweaking the envelopes a a few easy parameters starting from the preset "Eternity". Even deep grave sounds of Shakuhachi and Xiao as well as DiZi, panpipes, bansuri, nay, native american flutes, classic Boehm flutes, etc. I have managed to get even a Duduk very realistic! And the ability to manage the noise at the attack of the flutes is really nice and brings a lot of live to the sound compared to all those samples which have sounds totally dead.

Not easy to tweak to variate the play, but with several instances (the CPU load is totally insignificant) a bit different each other (notably in the attack and the velocity I can get as many articulations as I want to render excellent complete songs not boring at all with flute solos very, very alive.

Very, very good plucked sounds also for guitars, lutes, zithers, oud, mandolins, etc.

By tweaking the presets Marimba, Vibraphone, Xylophone and Kalima I get all the instruments of the gamelan with a realistic live, exquisitely finished.

The sounds are simple but very nice and really alive. Nothing to do with the samples which always sound boring and dead if they have not at least a large amount of round-robin.

For the cellos, violins and the chinese ErHu I use Bowin from the same developer. Very nice also (I'm gonna make a review for it one of these days).

Strike is another proof that SynthEdit can fit perfectly to make good, good, very good products with developers working with all earnestness on the modelisation.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on April 16th, 2014
Version reviewed: 8.1 on Windows.
Last edited by BlackWinny on 16th April 2014.

Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot, Urs to have created this strange, funny and lovely synth... And it's been many years already.

Seven years later it still remains today one of my favorites to play progressive rock and "disco-ish" old style tunes! Capable of long dark atmospheres as well as nice sound for rythmic and for melodic themes.

And all that with a totally different type of synthesis than the usual methods, simply by experimentations around the comb filters, the LFOs, the envelopes and the awesome phaser, flanger, delay, reverb and chorus. And all that three times. TripleCheese is a three synths in one which are mixable! Experimenting and finding lovely sounds (simple but very nice) is always for me an afternoon time of rest at the sun, spent to enjoy and find easily lots of inspirations to create little funny tunes. It is as well a funny game as a real tool for work.

I really love it. And played with Zebralette and Podolski, it allow to create very original funny tunes.

Really one of my prefered! And probably for a long time yet.

Reviewed By BlackWinny [read all by] on January 3rd, 2014
Version reviewed: 8.1 on Windows.
Last edited by BlackWinny on 29th March 2014.

I used the 2013 MegaPack.

1st of January, 2014... Just crossgraded to the 2014 EverythingPack.

It is very difficult to analyse in depth such a all-in-one "composing-improvising-recording-editing-arranging-mastering-broadcasting" tool! And with an incredible quality.

Awesome! For jazz composers I don't know what it can't do.

It can be a very complex environment if one want to use it in-depth, but yet pretty much simple and very useful at only $130 for beginners and even amateurs and students. But beware, it needs a real investment in time to learn all its unnumbered features provided... even in the basic edition! But it's not time lost, believe it.

Don't think that it is an automated composition tool that will do everything for you! It suggests you many phrases and many ideas starting with the chord progression you submit to it... but that... it is only the beginning of your work! It still remains many things to do yourself to reach the final musical work. Even if all the work will be done in Band-In-A-Box (with the instruments provided or/and with your own instruments and VSTi's as synths and effects)... YOU remain the only composer! Especially if you want to create a little "chef d'oeuvre".

A must have!

But beware : it is really a mess to use!!! The GUI of the version 2014 has been a little improved compared to the previous versions... but it remains an insane labyrinth ! Even the help which is supposed to bring you a support is itself an incredible mess .

Since the beginning of 2013 I now compose all my works with it when they are jazz oriented, with its provided instruments (at Christmas 2012 I bought the MegaPack at only 130 euros which provided plethora of instruments and MIDI phrases to inspire the ideas, and now crossgraded to the EverythingPack for almost the same price) and with my own instruments (many flutes and a guitar) and VST's (Z3TA+, Korg Legacy Collection, FM8, and so on). But for all my other compositions which are not jazz oriented (all that is in classic or romantic styles, or new age, progressive rock, instrumental space rock, etc.) are now made by still another tool : RapidComposer. Even Sibelius First that I used for years to compose is now less and less used... since I can do absolutely everything without never leaving BIAB in jazz !!! (and without never leaving RapidComposer in the other styles)

And with the 2014 edition it begins to get a more rational user interface... at last! It was about time...

EDIT (31 march, 2014) : I gave 10 to BIAB 2014 at the beginning of the year. But after 3 full months I now decrease the note to 8 (which remains very good) because BIAB is by far the best for jazz composers... but these two points which are now suppressed are due to the fact that after these three months I see that BIAB remains really a tool which is not made at all for the other composition styles and therefore these composers need another tool for their other styles. PG Music doesn't listen at all to the musicians which ask with insistence for years for a total remake-up of the GUI and doesn't listen at all neither the musicians which ask for less jazz and a lot of more other styles. It is really tedious that all the compositions even when selecting other styles are always keeping in background an obvious jazz color.