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Studio Piper

Reviewed By scott.cawthon [all]
November 4th, 2013
Version reviewed: 3 on Mac

This is the best Great Highland Bagpipe sound available today. It is absolutely superb.

I would occasionally peruse audio RTAS libraries on what was available for a realistic Great Highland Bagpipe throughout the years. When at the recording studio I'd review what the studio had in their extensive library. The recording studio had most of the big name RTAS libraries and the pipes in them would be good enough for background pipes, the further back in the mix the more realistic, but nothing until Studio Piper actually captured the sound to my liking where it sounded like my pipes being played live in concert and was adequate enough to be in the front of the mix. Studio Piper allows me to work at my pace and refine my arrangements so I can allocate more funds to hiring of other musicians.

I recommend any serious bagpiper who wishes to perform or record with a MIDI instrument purchase this product. You won't be disappointed.

Scott Cawthon.

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