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Reviewed By wannabe [all]
October 7th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Here is the plugin I have been waiting for 10 years and more. Set the parameters, press GO and you have the basis for a song. I have quite a few of them: Captain Chords, Scaler, Phrasebox, Liquid Rhythm, Rapid Composer, Chord Prism, Chord Potion, Chordz, I2C8, Melody Sauce, Scaler, Phrasebox etc.. Some of them went in that direction, some have similar other useful features, but no software came as close to what I was looking for as this one.
The price is ridiculous and the only downside is that the scales are limited to major minor and harmonic minor.
I am very hopeful that there will be more in the next update.

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Superwave P8

Reviewed By wannabe [all]
September 17th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows

If you doing trancestuff (or just trying...), you must try this!

Instant ffffat hooversounds, assertive leads and mighty pads for the cost of a download !

GUI looks cool but is a little too dark and the letters are too dark also and tiny (and it takes some time for establishing).
the build-in effects(chorus and delay)are adding just the right "plus" of even more "fatness".
Stepping through the presets, you can get easily an idea what this beast offers.
CPU-usage is below average, but some presets are a bit hungrier than others.
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Classic Chorus

Reviewed By wannabe [all]
September 17th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.1(?) on Windows

If you are new to softwareplugs but already knew, how a hardware-chorus works :
Try this !
It looks and works like a grown-up hardwarechoruseffect and is as stable as one.
The sound is smooth, no clicks or crackles or artefacts and uses CPU close to none.
The features are bread-and-butter, no fancy stuff.
The presets are covering the most common uses and you don't have to tweak a lot to get the chorus you're looking for.
(don't forget to dl all the other classicFX, you won't regret it!)
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Reviewed By wannabe [all]
January 26th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.05a on Windows

This synth is so sweet to explore...

(It took me 5 minutes to figure out,how the presetmanagment runs...)

Then you started to play...
And it didn't take long till you find out , how *****EXPENSIVE***** this thing sounds:

So clear and confident.

The provided GeneralMidi(!!!)-bank seems just want to show that synth1 can even do this,... you'd better try the banks in the banks/forum-section.

For trance-tweakin'-fellows this is absolutely a must:

You can control every parameter, and there are lots of them.

A Delay- and Chorussection is highly reasonable implemented and gives you an additional dimension for soundcreations.

The build-in appregiator had made me think: "...at last !!!".

CPU? whatareyoutalkinbout?!

Sync?? Everything you need.

Documentation? Is there one for the ZR-1 in japanese ?

Costumer service? Is there one for the ZR-1 in japanese ? :)
Actually I didn't need some,... for what ?

It never chrashes and it's worth a thousand times the cost for downloading.
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