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Reviewed By sleepcircle [read all by] on May 23rd, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac.
Last edited by sleepcircle on 29th May 2019.

This plugin does only one thing, but it does so with great gusto. To call it a 'colour box' would be absolutely accurate but strangely under-selling it. It sounds fantastic.

Slightly oily vintage grit WITHOUT, and this is an important rarity, WITHOUT all the treble frequencies smeared or filtered out. A detailed circuit simulation of a hi-quality old pre-amp from the 60s which has a nearly flat frequency response all the way up to 20kHz, but which provides fascinating colour.

In pre-amp mode, when pushed, there is just a hint of peppery bitterness from (i THINK) the crossover distortion.

In high-gain PA mode, the output is routed back to attenuate the push-pull stage, removing the "pepper," thundering up the sound and—when pushed—adding some great, really rattly overdrive, and making basses chug without making them at all muddy.

currently, however, my primary use for it is a bit niche. there are two(!) modeled inputs, a buffered input for microphones and a secondary aux input which was originally for turntables. i'm using the aux-in to punch up the fake record scratches i make with cableguys time-shaper. it makes them sizzle and jump and sound a lot more 'alive' than they do coming straight out of cable-guys itself.

Reviewed By sleepcircle [read all by] on August 14th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on Mac.
Last edited by sleepcircle on 14th August 2018.

At the risk of being self-aggrandizing. I made this with it—quite literally made WITH it—it's operating heavily on every track, and in a couple places, 'freeze' and the rate adjust knob are the only things providing any sound on a track.


Great sound, great tone. Quite easy to use, although some people had a couple problems with figuring out amp vs feedback ducking, or figuring out how to snap taps, it's all there in the manual if you'll give it a squizz.

Honestly I use it on ALL my tracks, these days, for pretty much any genre. Industrial, ambient, rock, hip-hop. Good stuff.