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1208 Reviber

Reviewed By preso1616 [all]
August 12th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Tested this plugin on CLA mix from CLA mix course. I put this on the master bus and started turning up and down the levels on "Shine" and "Thick" and I was pleasantly surprised by it. Very fine nuances glue things together nicely. "Shine" brought out the snare and cymbals and added shine to the mix - and it did so in a very musical agreeable way. Nothing harsh. The "Thick" added a nice bass bump, round and rich and again very musical. I am very pleasantly surprised by the results. In Studio 1 Pro this plugin uses 0% resources with 0 ms latency. This is important because this means you can put this plugin on multiple tracks and buses to add some honey where needed. So I give this free plugin 5 stars because it does exactly what it claims and it does it very smoothly, musically with 0 impact on resources.

If I could wish for additional features, then it would be maybe to add a stereo width knob or some kind of depth knob or mid/side knob. Maybe 1208 Reviber will add this in a later edition.

Overall I can recommend to add this sweet little tool to your arsenal because it will inevitably come in very handy during your mixing and mastering.

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Reviewed By preso1616 [all]
December 8th, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.3.5 on Windows

Please check this out - and read carefully - this Plugin will blow your mind .

I have put this Channel Strip up against an entire rock MIX and compared against Waves E-Channel, G-Channel, Schepps73, TG12345, Slate Virtual Mixrack, PluginAlliance BX console E and G. Every Plugin set to get the best possible sound on every Channel, Bus and Mixbus - and a time limit to eliminate endless tweaking but also see who quickly a good result could be obtained.

First of all - PERFORMANCE - is unbelievable. This plugin consumes almost ZERO resources, I could hardly believe it. This is very efficient and powerful.

The SOUND of this plugin is unbelievable and outperforms all other Channel strips I tested execept the bx_console_G from Plugin Alliance which had a better stereo spread due to it's 72 channel emulation. This Channel strip has a warm analog sound and the EQ as well as the compressor are the extremely musical. The entire mix has that warm sound where drums, bass, guitars, piano and vocals just melt together with incredible overtone simulation. I don't know how they did this, but it really is amazing. On rock guitars, piano and drums I found this to be the best of all - WOW. The verdict is out on Vocals cuz I ran out of time but Vocals and Backup Vocals sounded beautiful, rich, warm, full but I ran out of time to take it all the way. With the plugin on every channel, bus and mix bus, the entire mix is fat in the lows, harmonious in the low mids and mids and warm and musical in the upper mids and high frequencies. I had to play with the saturation knob a bit. Boys and Girls, the Guitars - the Guitars... this is thing is crazy good on Guitars - it cuts through like a Waves E-Channel, has the mids of BX-console G channel and that special something that I cannot explain - you have to try this yourself. You can also set the ANALOG noise level but I ended up not using it because the Plugin is way enough analog sounding already.

The LOOK of this plugin could be much improved. I found it disturbing that all EQ ranges have the same color knobs - makes it more difficult when rushing through, jumping around, especially in the fine tuning stages. The size and response of the knobs is perfect. The Analog NOISE feature is hard to see since it's sort of hidden in the lower graph bar - but it's there if you need it. The layout is intuitive and easy to figure out. LOVE the analog volume meter. Suggest they add the choice of.

The PRICE - What a relief that finally somebody put out a great Channel Strip which even people with smaller wallets can afford. I stumbled across this cuz I was stuck on a rock mix and looking to get beyond what I had in my library and I found happiness. This Plugin is a MUST HAVE in your arsenal.

I have spent serious hours and effort in setting up a comparison between this plugin and some top sellers of the top plugins out there and my verdict is certain. This was tested on a rock mix, as mentioned before and this Channel Strip shone and took the mix to another level. And sure, everyone has his tastes but I was trying to remain as objective as I could despite the euphoria I experienced while working with CS-3301.

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