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Reviewed By V-Future [all]
October 1st, 2018
Version reviewed: 1.02 on Windows

This is a great basic synth, I love the oscillators, very useful for simple sounds like that old 80's style pop music, synthpop, retrowave etc. I would like to add an FM oscillator like in Synth1 and a phase knob, that's what it needs to be perfect. The filter responds really well, warm sound, the GUI is very functional. A lot of bugs were fixed, which is good. Best freeware synth I've used in 2018, 5 stars deserved.

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SynthMaster One

Reviewed By V-Future [all]
June 30th, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0.4 on Windows

After working with this synth a couple of weeks all day long and creating a really cool soundset that I want to share with you guys, I have a veredict:


It's a really powerful tool to create everything you want, from dubstep wubs to cinematic pads, I can even make drums here, sounds so warm and true analog, filters are precious, you can add your own wavetables, it's like sylenth1 on steroids! outstanding quality, very little CPU usage, I'm in love with Synthmaster ONE.

Now let's talk about what I hate about Synthmaster ONE, the annoying bugs that are ruining my life, I wish I could upload videos and presets here to show you how bad it behaves but let's make it quick so maybe our friends on KV331 Audio fix those glitches in the next version:

1. When you apply distortion, the mod envelope linked to the filter has a strange behavior, when you apply attack 0 mid decay, sustain 0 and release 0 and the vol envelope with attack 0 decay full sustain full release 0, it sounds like if you have sustain activated but in a low volume, never seen something like that even in free rubbish synths made with synthedit. The filter is supposed to cut all.

2. When you make a mono lead and you select the slide option in the glide section, there's a weird trasition from one note to other, for example, you play C after E a couple of times and after you are playing C suddenly you hear E...

3. Sometimes the sequencer doesn't work, you activate it and draw some patters but it does nothing.

4. I've designed a cool guitar preset that sounds like the depeche mode clean guitar and it overloads the CPU to 99%

5. Knobs behaves crazy when you move your mouse cursor 4 inches away aproximately

6. When you link some controllers to the matrix mod, you can get some pop up errors.

7. When I make a kickdrum (mono, obviously) and I play some fast notes an unknow click sounds very high, I don't know what it causes that sound.

8. Sometimes the CPU load goes from 5 to 99 using just one instance of synthmaster one and I have a high spec computer.

9. Where are the Online Presets? you can upload presets to the server but the synth has not that option like Synthmaster 2

10. Sometimes the patches are out of tune, even the patches you create from init preset. It's unbelievable!

Overall I think this synth really worth your money and I really hope the KV331 Audio Team can work on those flaws as soon as possible so this could be a serious competitor to the most acclaimed wavetable synth at the moment.

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