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Reviewed By WasteLand [read all by] on 29th July 2021
Version reviewed: 3.4 on Windows
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i own Fathom Vector not that long, but is an in-depth synth, semi-modular, almost modular.., great workflow, and extensive capabilities to drastically (...) shape sounds.
i work from scratch, work with many different kinds of soft synths, but Fathom Vector stands out, like the others of course, but in its own way.
and that is why i like it. also that you can work with partials... the additive capabilities.....

still discovering the synth, but the in-depth control over sounds, means that you can create sounds for years, years! that all sound different, and still have a Fathom feel...

of course you can mimic other synths, but why should you do that? o well, it is personal of course...

i use a soft synth for its own capabilities, and Fathom Vector is one of the great synths, that does not copy other synths, so many synths that do the same thing...
Fathom Vector (or even Pro of course) is special synth. it can seem overwhelming, but the many menu's, are quite accessible.. and the workflow has a strict logic..
so, nothing overwhelming, only for details, you can go into that or that.

and not to mention, create your own modular.. or semi-modular. Fathom Vector fits the gap, as i mentioned somewhere else, it is kind of the missing link between a non-modular synth (...) and a soft modular, a missing link, that isn't... missing... of course.

it combines the best of both worlds. in a great way. a synth to explore, without limitations. and the sound, it sounds great.

Reviewed By WasteLand [read all by] on 25th September 2020
Version reviewed: 3.1.3 on Windows.
Last edited by WasteLand on 25th September 2020.
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i own the vaporizer2 since january 2020, since then i have seen many great updates, that makes vaporizer2, that when i bought it was already powerfull, a really great wavetable syntesizer.
and now in the latest update it MPE is implemented.

first: when you buy it; lifetime updates.

4 wavetable oscillators, all parameters can be modulated, 30 realtime wavetable effects, with FM-from-Next, a oscillator can be frequency modulated, by the next oscillator. up to 24 unison per oscillator.
3D view, and 2D.
the sampler, which has 2 or even 3 function, you can play a sample along, and you can play the sample granular, you can set the grain size and spread.
the samples that are loaded can be turned into wavetable(s), in different ways. you can select, resample, or make a "patch" that takes the full sample, and turn into a mono wavetable, or 2 wavetables, for stereo.. when you apply this action, for example make a stereo wavetable, the wave table position parameter is automatically set to all positions.

and there is a noise oscillator, for drums, or more experimental sounddesign.

an extensive modulation section, 5 MSEG's (with loop functionality, can be synced, are can be per voice, etc. etc.),
5 LFO's, a step sequencer, and an ARP.

the routing is straightforward, but powerfull, you have 3 filters (30+ types), 3 effect busses. you can route every oscillator to a filter or a FX bus, or straight ot the master. every filter can be routed through another filter or directly to a FX bus or to the master, as the 11+ effects, in the FX bus, every bus can be routed through a another FX bus, or straight to the master. this means extensive routing possibilties.

the sound is excellent. CPU usage is good, but as always, there are limits, but every complex synth suffer from the same limitations.
but CPU usage is for what it does great.

a lot of visual feedback, that is helpfull for modulation.

of course a modulation matrix, with curves, value, polarity etc. 16 slots.

the MPE implementation is great, and makes this synth, that is already powerfull, a great MPE synth.
pressure (called aftertouch), slide, all per voice of course. and lift (release velocity), implemented in the MSEG's, in way a very logical way.
and of course glide; you can set the MPE pitchbend per preset, also you can set MPE per preset (or globally).

and a full wavetable editor!, which works also via additive editing or freeform drawing. many possibilties. simply a great editor, you can make detailed changes, per slot, or more slots, or create from one single sycle wave, a full wavetable, with some great options.
so an additive oscillator, as a wavetable... or draw your own waveforms or: make a wavetable from certain position.
you can make selections, add/delete positions, slots.

so in one word, no not one word: a very versatile, excellent sounding wavetable synth, with 4 wavetable oscillators ánd a sampler (and granular sampler) and noise oscillator.

GUI is resizable by hand, or by setting. there are now 4 skins, enough to choose the right one for you.

and a great preset management! finding a preset is very easy, it uses also tags, and developers names.

undo/redo. etc. etc.

and so much more, but you can read the description on the website, what it offers.

the sound, possibilties makes vaporizer2 a very serious alternative to other wavetable synths.

yes the sound! great, the filters and FX's sound great, FX's have gain staging, can move freely, so you can change the order of the FX's chain.

simply, i repeat; a great wavetable/addtive/sampler synth.

try it!