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Fathom Synth

Software Synthesizer Plugin by Seaweed Audio

Fathom Synth has an average user rating of 4.63 from 24 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Fathom Synth

Reviewed By WasteLand [read all by] on July 29th, 2021
Version reviewed: 3.4 on Windows

i own Fathom Vector not that long, but is an in-depth synth, semi-modular, almost modular.., great workflow, and extensive capabilities to drastically (...) shape sounds.
i work from scratch, work with many different kinds of soft synths, but Fathom Vector stands out, like the others of course, but in its own way.
and that is why i like it. also that you can work with partials... the additive capabilities.....

still discovering the synth, but the in-depth control over sounds, means that you can create sounds for years, years! that all sound different, and still have a Fathom feel...

of course you can mimic other synths, but why should you do that? o well, it is personal of course...

i use a soft synth for its own capabilities, and Fathom Vector is one of the great synths, that does not copy other synths, so many synths that do the same thing...
Fathom Vector (or even Pro of course) is special synth. it can seem overwhelming, but the many menu's, are quite accessible.. and the workflow has a strict logic..
so, nothing overwhelming, only for details, you can go into that or that.

and not to mention, create your own modular.. or semi-modular. Fathom Vector fits the gap, as i mentioned somewhere else, it is kind of the missing link between a non-modular synth (...) and a soft modular, a missing link, that isn't... missing... of course.

it combines the best of both worlds. in a great way. a synth to explore, without limitations. and the sound, it sounds great.

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Comments & Discussion for Seaweed Audio Fathom Synth

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Scrubbing Monkeys
Scrubbing Monkeys
13 August 2017 at 9:26pm

I have been using Fathom for only a few months now. I started on version 1.0.7. At this point it is up to 1.0.11. It has a bucket load of features but a few that really grab me are the extremely powerfull envelopes and the built in delay. You can not only draw your envelopes but can double, triple............ and so on giving you a sequencer type feel. The delay is a three headed monster giving you COMPLETE control over left, right and center. This synth is capable of just about everything out there with alot of stuff we havent seen. I can see this being used alot for evolving soundscapes and one finger rhythmic dances. At this point it has a firm direction, is stable and a pleasure to program. Looking forward to the finer details.




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