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Exciton [read all reviews]
Reviewed By No name [read all by] on 18th April 2005
Version reviewed: 98 on Windows
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I never thought I would really review any Synth. But I d/l this only about 10 minutes ago and I have to say it is so lush and is the sound is so "warm". I've been searching over and over for Oberheim type samples, I also tried searching for a VST and happen to come across this. And I have to say it sounds like any Oberheim and even better. I have tried out plenty of Synths but the over all feel to this VST is magnificent.

From the routing, to the osc's, even the way you can just degrade the sound of a patch, and the fatness you can get from this synth. This is a synth you can really make music with! This synth is versatile and I am running on an old Intel Celeron with windows 98 and only 128 megs, and it hasn't skipped or popped or slowed down on me one bit. This is a VST that I honestly feel like I cannot pass by. And do not let anyone tell you this is for a specific Genre. I do Hip hop and this will blend quite well with it, plus it is so inspirational.

Try the demo, see for yourself!!!