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Genesis Pro

Reviewed By parapentep70 [all]
June 5th, 2020
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I was able to install it, I overcame the few issues related to the unusual process far from clean. But I was not convinced. When I tried to learn more in KVR (too late!) I got the message that this synth is far from a finished product and it made no sense for me to put time on this synth until there were some fixes. It has been 1€ badly spent. I considered the possibility to claim a refund, but for 1€ I decided to wait and see. I waited... but months later I cannot see updates. In their webpage ("Genesis Pro Update") when you click "read more" you open a link recursively pointing to the same page. There is a forum opened 17 days ago, with latest posts written 17 days ago by the developper. Maybe next year Genesis Pro will be a good product, and maybe my 1€ investment will be good. But for now... my hopes are low and I would not recommend. I recommend potential buyers to take a look at the comments here in KVR forum before investing 1€.

The version I tried is not the latest, but the only change reported was related to a fix on a more than questionable "false positive" given by anti-virus programs. Not worth it. Then nothing else.

I will give 1/5 stars because I can run it and it was not worth it enough to test if it is prone to crashes or not, or to investigate deeper some serious reported in the forum.

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