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Reviewed By lucille [read all by] on August 14th, 2004
Version reviewed: xp on Windows
Last night I "discovered" DSP's evolving flagship synth aftera favorable review in SOS. I am very surprised there has not been more "buzz" about this synth, as it is excellent. Although nominally a Nord Lead emulation, Discovery has many timbres well covered in an extensive preset library. The bad news? It can be pretty cpu heavy.
I've resolved to live with cpu hogs if they sound right, and the resampling in Ableton Live 4 makes this resolution easier to live with. Many patches come in at 5% on 3 ghtz cpu, but some take up to 25% and more. The Discovery is very stable, and the handsome blue gui is well laid out and the patches are reasonably easy to tweak. There are many great arp patches in the presets, but I haven't figured haw to program the arp yet. Highly recommended.
Reviewed By lucille [read all by] on August 7th, 2004
Version reviewed: xp on Windows
I bought this a while ago but have largely neglected to break it oas I have been in host flux. i opened it live 4 and was really impressed. Just jamming thru the
presets bought up so many unusual and inspierd timbres.
It is also very easy to tweak the presets in a wonderful
compact (hello rgc...)gui. A VST bargain. good cpu usage.
Try the demo.
Reviewed By lucille [read all by] on February 23rd, 2003
Version reviewed: 4.0 on Windows
if you like the mellotron sound--that is if you liked
the eighties--this is a great purchase. Years of
'mellozone' and 'tapestrings' rompler presets have
never even roughly approxiamated the beauty of these

Although there are a fair number of patches in the
presets and 'refill', you'll only end up revisiting
5-10: but they are awesome.

Like ppg wave, m-tron is 1 part synth, 1 part time machine.

No real tech problems; I subtracted a point for the
coffee stain. enjoy.
Reviewed By lucille [read all by] on February 17th, 2003
Version reviewed: 3.56 on Windows
Bought this after reading a steven duda interview on
the sonik forum in which he praised it greatly. I must say this is the deepest and virtual studio to date. I can't say its immediately intuitive, but if your willing
to get into it--your efforts will be repaid.

Since other reviews have recapped the basics, I'll focus
on the fx and piano roll; both are excellent. Piano roll
has an excellent preroll and metronome (hello cakewalk?)
and an amazingly flexible quantization fuctionality.
Also, the "feel" in programming is effortless--as opposed
to the balky sonar and reason editors.

fx wise, FL has a very flexible path routing with
4 send fx and I believe 8 insert fx. The reverb is
by ultrafunk and it is great. All fx are of excellent
quality with extensive presets. The otherwise competent
cw fx look dated beside this program.

When will this program get respect??!
Reviewed By lucille [read all by] on February 12th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows
I'm a long time Redrum devotee but as I started using
fruity more and more I really needed a vsti drum
sampler. The market is not terribly competitive, with
DR 008 and Battery being the two main opitons.

I found DR 008 incredible ugly and unintuitive, but
it is well liked on this forum. As for battery:

gui: basically good, oversized, and the 1 color
flashing hit light would have been a bit more tasteful.
I think this would be a better instrument with 10-
20 cells.(there are 54)

sounds: 20 very nice kits, i would have a liked real
808/909 kit instead of the more generic '80's drums';
but these sounds are around. Particularly nice is the
reactor kit, with lots of funky noises. The accoustic
kits are nice. I did not notice any multilayer patches,
but I really haven't had it long.

sound quality: How can you f*ck up a drum sampler?--
oh yeah--Reason. No funky gain/grain issues here.

One big thumbs up; try the demo...Battery consisitantly crashed Sonar when I tried to create a custom drum map.