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Reviewed By owlbert@icloud.com [read all by] on 22nd February 2021
Version reviewed: CTX 1.0 on Mac.
Last edited by owlbert@icloud.com on 22nd February 2021.
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I have found no other program quite like this.. and the inbuilt potential of simultaneous sound and image-animation.

is such an intriguing quest and challenge that the program allows endless exploration of ..I like combining and contrasting the machinic and traditional animation and editing applications. the following are two examples of experiments using the program to respond to sound and to actually generate sound and animation ...

Dis Hop by Tatonic. uses sound responsive animation systems in Artmatic-edited and recomposed with traditional editing softwares.


and "Alien Brain Therapy" a simultaneous construction of sounds and image -audiovisual synthesiser using the "Listen to" room in the latest version of Artmatic Designer.


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