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Bear Sax

Reviewed By EdwardGivens [all]
November 18th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.004 on Any OS

One cool thing about the bari sax is that the keys are enormous - seriously, some are like dinner plates. And the horn itself is obviously huge and hollow. So even just clicking the keys open and shut sounds really cool. It's my favorite feature of this particular instrument - in addition to that grizzly, low sax sound - complete with growl, we get a built in "bearcussion" section!
Now, I don't think this instrument pandas to those seeking slick perfection, although it sits well in a mix and sounds realistic if played with care. No, this is the polar opposite - what you reach for when you are looking for something different, something with bear-acter. It's really well programmed. Each patch has plenty of keyswitches you can swipe at to add pizzazz. For example, "solo poly" has sustain, marcato, staccato, growl, and "subtone," which to me has more honey, for those gentle Ben moments. Other patches are solo mono, duo mono, duo poly, bearcussion, and bear borg, making it a veritable pic-a-nic basket of sax tones! And you can't beat the price. I like it.

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