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Reviewed By keyman_sam [read all by] on January 5th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.1.6 on Windows
groups-->multi. Thats it. There's a plethora of filters available, and the modulation matrix is a monster. Each sample gets 2 filters, 2 EGs, 3 step sequencers, 2 lag generators, and an envelope follower. The modulation matrix has 12 slots with a huge list of modulation source and destinations. Each sample also has a waveform view. Making multisamples out of samples is pretty darn easy - just drag and drop, and SC will take care of the rest. It'll scan the filenames for possible root key information, and if it finds it, it'll map them out (for ex : Piano C1, Piano G1, Piano Bb1 will get mapped automatically according to their root note). It has a beat slicer for drum loops. Oh wait - that's a whole different world.

SC has a wonderful slicer with automapping. As you slice a drum loop, it'll automatically map it out to keys, and you can select "splits->zones" to chop up your samples to various zones, mapped to the keys. You can create some REALLY lo-fi grunge beats with this sampler, using just the filters. You can also do glitch, DnB, Techno, and pretty much everything out there. It doesn't have Disk streaming, which makes sense perhaps because all those modulations require reading off from the RAM. You can even modulate the sample start and the loop length. In short, Shortcircuit is sooo deep, and yet soo simple to use, that a caveman can start making beats with this. Not to mention the variety of sample formats it loads such as SF2, rex, battery, akai S5000/6000, sfz and ofcourse wave and aiff.

Did I mention its free? Free or commercial, this is one of the best samplers out there and it begs to be tweaked. Two thumbs up for vemberaudio for making this excellent sampler and giving it away as a freebie.
Reviewed By keyman_sam [read all by] on July 11th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.3.03 on Windows
Where do i begin? This is a fantastic plugin for enhancing your drum loops and modifying them in a good manner. I downloaded this for the gating effect, but it seems that i use the retrigger effect more than the gate effect!

Each effect has different types of filters too, and the filters sound fantastic. There's an addition master filter. Overall this plugin gives you enough options to create unique drum loops, stutter effects on vocals and stuff like that. The delay effect can be used as a chorus effect with the correct settings. All the effects sound fantastic. I only wish I could layer more than two effects at the same time! There's an option for applying an effect as a global effect so that you can apply other effects on top of this. I find this to be the only limitation. If only there was an option to add how many ever layers of effects you wanted, it would be great!

The other downside of this plugin is that it uses quite some CPU. Still, for the quality and the depth of control i get, i think the CPU compromise is only fair. I didnt have to read the manual (if there was one) or ask questions either since its pretty easy to understand the effect.

Overall, this is a great plugin! Thumbs up to dBlue for creating a gem of an effect plugin!