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Reviewed By coldmachine [read all by] on November 23rd, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.00 on Windows.
Last edited by coldmachine on 23rd November 2002.
I've been using this for a week now and would say I know it pretty well.I've used hardware synths for years so found this very very simple to use.I haven't used the manual once other than to authorise.
Due to it being a sample player it has very low CPU overhead.It also means that it will stand or fall totally on the basis of the core wavetable.No worries here as it is fantastic.The sounds can be both generic and distinctive which makes for flexibility.With some of the more distinctive sound types I dont think you will say "oh thats Atmos" youre more likely to say "That sounds like the Waldorf Wave or a Jupiter 8 or what the hell is that",praise indeed.Sample start offset is a welcome inclusion as slow samples can be made to really snap and bite.Ditching an attack phase can render the sample totally different
Filters and enveopes are fine, with the facility to deselect filters not in use so reducing CPU load,as does layer deselection.The implementation of the master filter is also good.Modulation is functional rather than complex.The facility to sync lfos to clock needs adding at some point.Layers can be linked for simultaneous edit,always good.Overall the synth engine is very good and a breeze to edit.
What sets this baby apart is the core wavetable.If you want me to equate the "sound" I'd say it is highly Virus and Waldorf with a side order of Prophet/Jupiter.I mean that as praise as i own and use those machines every day.This machine can sound as full as the mighty "Wave" (also used as part of the core.). The presets are exellent but serve as a shop window,get in there and slap it around a bit,make it your own
Minor criticisms asside this really has raised the bar.Sounds great,simple to use,low overhead (memory asside)and stable as a rock.Eric intends to update and expand the core in future which will be great and a focus on the "harder" side will make this an even more lethal weapon.
Buy this baby now
Reviewed By coldmachine [read all by] on November 23rd, 2002
Version reviewed: 53 on Windows
The interface is nice,looks thike the real thing.The sound is the problem.Most people here may not have used the real P5 and this is a long way short.As NI themselves told John Bowen....Its ok for those we aim to sell it to.The"Prophet Plus" by John Bowen however is in a totally different league.The sound is exact.Try it if you have a pulsar.