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Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on May 29th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by mr kipling on 29th May 2002.
this has the most beautiful GUI ive ever seen. And logical to boot...although at first i didnt know how to access the different mini screens on the bottom (as in filter, loop length etc) but now i know, its very simple. Defintely the most fun vsti ever. Ive literally spent hours just messing with a loop and then wondered where the times gone.

Its the best spec`d loop cutter out there, with modulation, pitch shifting, delay, amp envelope, filter envelope etc. Personally id like more...not really sure what but the more ways to mangle loops the better.

Customer support it superb...its changed sooo much from the early beta version - mr phatmatik seems very open to customer suggestions and seems to work like a mofo.

. Value for money wise...well $99 isnt cheap, but i think this is in the same value camp as vaz2010, i.e. you get what you pay for. You certainly wont feel youve paid too much, but neither get that warm feeling that u get from some other download only developers who virtually give them away!

Overall, great stuff, and ive used it in every tune ive made since buying it (ok so thats only 2 but its still 100%)
Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on May 29th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.21 on Windows
ive had this since the new skin came out and im still blown away with it.

The sound quality is excellent, and its probably the most cpu-effeciant soft-synth ive come across.

At first i was a bit bewildered by the GUI coz theres so many knobs to tweak, but it is all pretty logical and once you get the hang of it, the skys the limit.

I think what it excels at best is evolving, sweeping, atmospheric type sounds - ive managed to achieve sounds i never thought id be able to get. Obviously its excellent at the usual analogue bass, leads etc, but this is the only synth i ever turn to when im looking for the atmospheric stuff.

Although theres loads of presets, most werent to my taste but they do showcase what its capable of pretty well....and flicking through the 100s of presets when ur not feeling very inspired can help give u some ideas sometimes.

Overall its great sounding, practical if you havent got the latest speed demon pc, and great value for money.
Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on January 25th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
when i first heard this, and went throught the presets i thought wow! The sounds that come out of it, are kinda evil and harsh sounding. The thing is, once you get into it, it seems extemely limited. The sounds I got out of it, sounded similar to the presets supplied (and there wasnt that many), and within a few months id gone completly off it. It eats up your CPU too. It has got a distinctive sound, and would probably work well in some techno tune, but unless thats your sort of music, i wouldnt put this high on my recomendation list.
Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on January 25th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by mr kipling on 27th January 2002.
This synth has taken over pro-52 as my most used vsti. The sounds you can get from it are so phat, and convincing, i really love it.

Ive always been trying to get really fat basslines for the sort of music i make and this thing is perfect for that. I also love the layout of the thing. Until i got vaz2001, i never really programmed my own sounds because..well..i found it too complex. But the way its laid out, seems to make it all so logical and easy. I dunno, if thats just me, but along with the sound, the layout is my joint favourite feature.

You get loads of presets, which are good, if maybe a little retro sounding IMO, but theres always loads of new presets over at the user area so even if you didnt wanna make your own sounds, you should find ones you like no problem.

Customer support seems good, and replies are prompt over at the user area.

Now ive deleted my critisisms (i didnt like the fact there were no numerical value on sliders...but there is, and i thought the sequencer was pretty much guess work..but you can get it to show numerical changes)this is gonna look like im kissing vaz2001`s arse! Lemme think....well personally i dont like the sequencer - moving sliders doesnt seem natural to me, but as i run it in cubase it doesnt bother me much.

I think if you make dance music/electronica, you will LOVE this synth.
Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on December 3rd, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
A rexplayer vsti is what ive wanted for a long time and finally here one is and its free! Ive just downloaded the official release version and theyve got rid of the one bug i noticed (i could only use it in one channel in cubase, even if i had more than one loaded). It seems stable to me, although i havent had it long. Although its pretty basic, theres a pro version coming out which sounds like its gonna have some very cool features. Basically im really impressed with it so far and would defintly recommend downloading it....i mean come on its free!
Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on August 20th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.9 on Windows
yep its been superceeded.
I never use it anymore, its not bad, just theres some really great stuff out there now.
Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on August 20th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Windows
i used to use the lm-4 but this is what id been waiting for. Great for the typical 808/909 stuff but also comes with alot of more expirimental sounding presets. And obviously as its a synth you can come up with your own stuff to your hearts content! As for cpu, with me (p111 700hmz) its been great, i never have to worry about getting drop outs with it. Not sure if i can think of any bad points...ummm
Reviewed By mr kipling [read all by] on August 20th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
it looks great, sounds great and is an absolute bargain. Most of the cheaper vstis about in my experience have been a case of get what you pay for but this IMHO is truely priced below what its worth. My one big moan is the tiny amount of presets you get with it, but well if thats the biggest thing wrong with it......
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