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PSP EasyVerb

Reviewed By Frippertronix [all]
February 12th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.0.3 on Windows

Just wanted to say this thing is amazing for the price and I think it gets overlooked. Smooth tails on most algo's, a fairly warm and unobtrusive sound. Sits in the mix nicely, and the cpu hit is very reasonable. This is one of my favorite VST reverbs available today, and with the very low price, it's a bargain.

While it doesn't necessarily "nail" the sounds of these spaces, what it does do is what I need most in a reverb---it makes the sound wetter without drawing unnecessary attention to itself, like many or most of the other VST reverbs seem to do. It isn't metallic sounding or overly hard, harsh, or bright.

My main use for reverbs is just to add a farily mild extra touch that pulls the mix back a bit and softens the sound, and EasyVerb offers quite a few alternatives to achieve this without being a headache in the CPU department so it will go easily onto a number of tracks simultaneously.

One thing that is lacking is a lot of fine control, for instance there is no diffusion control, but the diffusion built into the algos works for me so I'm not bothered by that.

When you factor in the 9 models, the ease of use, and the low price, I feel this effect deserves fairly high marks in all categories.
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