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Foorius [read all reviews]
Reviewed By andrew_k [read all by] on 28th January 2008
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows.
Last edited by andrew_k on 28th January 2008.
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Foorius is an incredibly powerful instrument capable of generating some absolutely extraordinary sounds. It is capable of everything from fat basses and evolving soundscapes to alien textures and total weirdness. However what separates this consistently underrated and overlooked instrument from others in the ilk is the fatness and sheer organic musicality of its raw sound. With a lot of other synths once you remove the exotic envelopes, unlink the LFOs and switch off the effects the sound is actually a little 2 dimensional. If you listen to Foorius under the same circumstances this isn't the case. The waveforms and filters sound great and completely musical on their own. Building from such a great foundation means when you add everything else back in you consistently end up with an inspiring sound palette to work with.

The complexity of Foorius means it takes a while to learn how to program, though there are some great presets to start with. The complexity also means it's not light on the CPU however with modern multi core processors this is much less of an issue than it was. At the price (donation ware) it begs to be taken a look at keeping in mind it isn't an instant gratification instrument.