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Reviewed By mike_trance [all]
February 24th, 2024
Version reviewed: 2.4 on Mac

This thing is (almost) amazing. It does have a bit of a learning curve -- you need to figure out in the context of your particular DAW how to route things correctly. But it's just pure magic after that. The basic idea is that you have two MIDI sources per instrument: (1) a pattern, (2) some chords over which to execute that pattern. You can generate very complex patterns in a short period of time.

Biggest issue is that it seems to no longer be under development. Also there are some licensing issues where it un-registers itself every few weeks and requires a trip to go re-enter the license key. It could be fixed to be a really awesome tool, but unfortunately at this point I'm going to try to avoid using it again.

This product gets the lowest rating until it starts being supported again. Do not waste your money on this when there are other alternatives like BlueARP that do similar things with less headache and for FREE.

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