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Reviewed By musical [read all by] on May 29th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
This VSTi works supremely well. It is a musical tool which makes working with loops a joy. It is well-designed, well-supported and stable. On the surface, it is simply a loop player and slicer, but its editing capabilities make it a creative addition to any set-up. I use it with SONAR and the fxpansion wrapper, and it works really well, though I'm looking forward the DXi version.

The support is excellent, and the developer has really thought about how to make Phatmatik Pro as flexible as possible. The filters, etc. sound really good. If there was one area I would say could do with some improvement it is some of the effect/filter controls could be a bit smoother. That said, this is a radical, innovative and supremely versatile VSTi that will change the way you make music. The drag and drop facility makes working with loops very intuitive.

Phatmatik Pro is excellent value for two reasons. First, because the developer is capable, cares about his product and has really thought about what a musician needs. Secondly because this tool turns any loop collection you have into a new collection, that you control, that nobody else has, in a quick and creative way.
Reviewed By musical [read all by] on November 11th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
Words cannot even begin to say how good this synth is - only your ears can tell you that! If you haven't got any money at the moment then don't download the demo, because you'll steal to get the money to buy this synth....

The remote control is easy to configure, the synth has so wide a range, is easy to program, has a great effects section, a decent manual, you can create and load your own waveforms (for the LFO as well as main oscillators), a full midi implementation....

If you are only going to own one "analogue" VSTi, this has to be it. Even over and above synths like the Pro52. This synth will go into your default set-up and stay there. If you have a hardware controller you will be in heaven.

And the support is superb - emails answered, bugs fixed, decent manual....

There are a lot of "analogue" subtractive synth VSTi's out there I know - which might make you think this synth is ordinary - but it's extraordinary. The best $99 you will spend - BUY THIS SYNTH!
Reviewed By musical [read all by] on October 22nd, 2001
Version reviewed: 2.7 on Windows
For me, version 2.7 has really delivered. The integration with SONAR is now tight, and a lot of bugs have been fixed. This program was always fantastic value and well supported by nice people. Now I think it is really there. Disk streaming is a useful feature, although memory is so cheap now I'm not sure I'll actually bother with it - I have 512MB.

What is great is that the Akai S5000-S6000 is now fixed, so that if you want an awful lot of great banks to play with, and you have a fast internet connection, you should visit:


and download from the S5000-S6000 directory. The 256M piano is sweet.

Have fun!
Reviewed By musical [read all by] on September 17th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
This instrument is fantastic - and if you tweak it the number of sounds you can create is very wide. Couple it with some effects and you have one of the funkiest instruments around. For free, which it is, this instrument is astounding. Okay, so the gui isn't glamourous, but it is functional. But the sound.... And the very low CPU. This is going into my default setup, and staying there.
Reviewed By musical [read all by] on September 13th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Ben@KvR on 5th January 2002.
I've got to say that I too was disappointed by the lack of pitchbend - and I too saw the post saying that pitchbend functionality would be added soon. I both believed that muon would do it and was looking forward to it.

I think the instrument sounds fantastic - it is great.

This has really disappointed me. I thought Muon made great sounding instruments and that I could trust what they say. Now I know they just make great sounding instruments. I won't buy something from them without a demo version again.

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This is an instrument review not a soapbox!