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Reviewed By Askal [all]
May 10th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.7.1 on Mac

If your sample db is ridiculiously large (whose isn't?), you'll need this beauty just to have a very smart browser for your drumsounds.

The sequencer is a nice enough cherry on top. It is usable for quick scetches and you can very easily listen to the compability of your chosen sample-pack and super-easily swap single samples with similar sounding samples or listen to your rhythm with complete different sets of samples.

Drag and drop your achievments to stems or take your single samples and take the programming of the rhythm to the next level in the plugin of your liking.

This has become one of the most heavily used tools in my environment.

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Softube Modular

Reviewed By Askal [all]
May 10th, 2024
Version reviewed: 2.5.83 on Mac

Yes, CPU-hungry, expensive (w additional modules) and clunky. But also authentical and prestine sound. I'll have to give the full five stars although I am annoyed from the limitations in workflow.

Because it is the closest to the real thing I will ever get. Even if you could afford let's say the doepfer series - the possibility of dragging as much modules as your CPU can carry is only given in the virtual world (or a billionaire's world).

The sound is powerful, cuts through every mix and the selection of modules is awesome! Also you can buy one of the model-series standalone synth which also come with singular modules for the MODULAR system, nice additions with a good value/money rate.

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HOFA 4U+ BlindTest

Reviewed By Askal [all]
May 10th, 2024
Version reviewed: 1.0.7 on Mac

Do you use this compressor because he does the right job or because its beautiful retro-design? Or simply because it is your latest purchase and you're eager to use it?
Is the mastering tool really making your song better?
Let's find out in a randomized blind study. Just try different mastering approaches on several tracks, leave one track unmastered, throw the 4U+Blindtest on every track, adapt loudness differences and than just listen and skip tracks without knowing what you are really listening to. Cycle your tracks a few times, rate every track and get your favorite blind-tested master. Don't be dissapointed if the clean unmastered track turns out to be the best. It happens.
Really useful and surprisingly underrated tool for self-teaching producers. It is a very good lection to train your ears without the distraction of design and expactations.
Additionally you might wanna throw in a track with a good reference song for your genre. So you have sort of an anker in your blind-cycles.

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