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Reviewed By autodafe [read all by] on February 15th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
A great Plugin for Leads or basses. It goes beyond the traditional 303 sounds.
It has a nice selection of waveforms, and Effects are a great plus.

Very nice GUI (sort of MC303 or MC505) and great stability. Never ever crashed on my PC (PIII 450, 512 MB, Win 98) with Logic 4.8.1

I Bought it after a special offer from Muon for 15 $...a steal!!! even now at 30$ it's quite a bargain...

More presets will be good.
Reviewed By autodafe [read all by] on February 12th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.4 on Windows
Wow. I bought this synth after checking the demo...
The sounds are really something different from the usual synths.
It has lots of presets which are all very good and usable.
Nice synthetic drums, great leads. What I like best are two "arpeggio" presets, one with a major scale, the other with a minor.

The interface looks great, maybe just a bit too "big" for me...

It's a bit difficult to program, 'cos you feel lost between all the indicators and so on, but sounds really great.

It's verys stable and quite light onthe CPU, even if I noticed some minor "problems" when you drag it and it has to redraw the interface...
Reviewed By autodafe [read all by] on February 11th, 2002
Version reviewed: 007 on Windows
This was a bit of a surprise for me...
The first look at the screenshot made me think that this wasn't a serious Synth, but decided to download it and give it a try...
It worked with Logic at the first try, and I tried to make some sound...Really great.

It has some features other VSTi don't have, It has a great range of sounds and possibilities.
It has a clear and sharp sound thet is lovely. Pity the FX are only Chorus and Flanger, some delay would be wonderful

OK, the GUI could be better, maybe with future releases...
There are 4 banks of presets to download, and they're pretty good too. And that "Randomize" function....lovely!
And if this is not enough, it' free and polyphonic!
Reviewed By autodafe [read all by] on February 1st, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
Well, This Vsti sounds really nice.
It has a great Interface (well, actually two...there are two versions with different interfaces)
The sound is nice, it becomes nicer if you ad some phaser or flanger/reverb effect...
Useful to recreate old "analog string" machines (Solina, Crumar Performer to name a few...)
It doesn't have many presets, but the one provided are pretty good.
And Hey, it's FREE!
Reviewed By autodafe [read all by] on October 18th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
The CM-101 is a really nice VSTi Plugin. I've visited almost every f*****g newsagent in Germany (I was travelling there last summer) just to find it...
It's not free, you have to buy the mag, but however it has a great VFM. It also comes from Muon Software ( I own almost every plug they've made) and it's really fine...
It's capable of good basses and leads, I think, It's light on the CPU, has a good interface and a good price/quality...
I Think Computer Music has started a good serie with this plug...
Reviewed By autodafe [read all by] on September 30th, 2001
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by Autodafe on 30th September 2001.
This is going to be considered the one of the "first" VST commercial plugs that appeared on the market. This is partly true, but this doesn't mean the Atom Pro is "outdated". I think this is a simple, yet great instrument. Of course later plugs can do better, but I think it has a great value for money. I don't remember how much it costed (I think it was 20$).
It has some good presets, too. The sound is not so fat, but is capable of producing good leads and pads.
Reviewed By autodafe [read all by] on September 20th, 2001
Version reviewed: 2.08.004 on Windows
This is really a great piece of software.
A bit difficult to dig in, if you want to start from scratch.
The sounds it generates are wonderful, the CPU load is almost always low, if compared to Reaktor, for example.
It doesn't come with many presets, but, if you join its mailing list (populated by some synth guru) you can get plenty of sounds; some of them are really astonishing.
The development is now canceled, bugs will be fixed (I've never had a problem...)
There must be a reason if NI hired DrSync for their softsynths...