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Eos [read all reviews]
Reviewed By pascual [read all by] on 11th September 2012
Version reviewed: 10.6 on Mac
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Believe me. I want to love this plugin. Love the Gui, and the easy controls. I like most things that AD does, and they are a big part of my tool box.

Eos is always too heavy though. I find that I need to have the wet/dry knob at about 98% dry all the time, regardless of the settings elsewhere, or else everything sounds like if you where a bat in a cave. Maybe I'm missing something?

I do play around with the size and time settings, and the diffusion and those others, but i can never find some nice subtle sound. I love dubby echos, and space, but this is too hot to handle...

Rez [read all reviews]
Reviewed By pascual [read all by] on 22nd April 2007
Version reviewed: last on Windows.
Last edited by pascual on 22nd April 2007.
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I want to find this man, and buy him dinner. Good wine and all.
Seriously, i've been a fan of String theory for a while, and have had Rez along with Motion and Texture in my plugin folder for some time as well, but not until recently i started browsing the presets and it seriously makes me feel kind of bad for all the money i've spent in fancy vsti's here and there.
This plug in is a thing of beauty.
The arpeggiator is so good, the filter is sick, and the envelopes are great to play with and to look at.
I haven't read the manual (but i will), because the list of presets is so lovely that i probably won't need to tweak much parameters for a while.
This thing has a heart of techno, and the body of a vast blue soundscape.

I haven't needed any help with Rez, but i know Ugo is around in case i did.

I shouldn't be spending any more money on my music making geekware, but i will go get Ugo's Metalurgy as soon as possible because this man deserves the support.

Chimera [read all reviews]
Reviewed By pascual [read all by] on 4th January 2007
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by pascual on 17th March 2007.
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I've been a member of kvr since 2003, and this is the first review i give to an instrument. Probably because this is the first vsti that has ever given me goose bumps as i first was browsing through the presets. In fact, i don't know what i'm doing here wasting time on this words of praise; i should be making music, God damn it!

For starters, the gui. Elegant and spacious, with beautiful color choises. The layout of all the controls and parameters makes it easy to understand and learn.

Feature wise; Chimera has plenty of tools to give those noise oscillators a fun journey to the outputs, helping you filter, modulate, echo, and bounce the sound in very many ways.

And then the sound! It's enough to take you to some pretty fantastic places. Mysterious voyages, ancient landscapes, far away galxies.

The presets are very nice, i probably won't have to tweek any knobs for a while, because this guys already did a lot of very inspiring sounds.

And yes, it's free. Free i say. Free and stable!
Made with synthedit for crying out loud! Haven't needed any help, haven't needed any documentation, but i do think that this thing deserves some written material with it. I like reading manuals, they kind of complete the project and help you build a relationship with your instrument; so that would be my only little issue.

This thing is great. i'm out of here...

edit: not so stable...shortly after reviewing it i started noticing how all my projects that had it on where not loading properly, and glitching and skipping when chimera was playing....i use it with FL mainly...i'm hoping for an update...
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